EPSCoR Program Director - Brenda Konar

Brenda Konar

Brenda Konar

Established Program to Simulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) Program Director


225 O'Neill, Fairbanks, AK, 99775

Website: www.alaska.edu/epscor/
Konar is a professor of marine biology with the UAF College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences. She has served since 2018 as a co-PI of Fire and Ice, an interdisciplinary effort to study climate-driven changes to Alaska’s boreal fire regimes and its coastal ecosystems.
Konar holds a B.S. in biology from San Jose State University, an M.S. in marine biology from Moss Landing Marine Labs in California, and a Ph.D in biology from UC-Santa Cruz. She has worked at CFOS since 1999 and been a full professor since 2009. She serves as co-lead of the Fire and Ice coastal margins component and will continue to do so in addition to her PI role.