Director, Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management - Tracey Martinson

Tracey Martinson

Tracey Martinson

Director of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management

Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management

825 Alumni Drive, Room 103, Fairbanks, AK 99775


Martinson officially became director in February 2021 after serving as interim since Dec 2019.

Martinson has a long history with UAF, starting in 1990 as a graduate student in the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences. She then worked for the Institute of Marine Science and the Institute of Arctic Biology in various research, support and teaching capacities.

In 2006, Martinson joined EHSRM as the industrial hygienist, developing a variety of laboratory safety and occupational health programs for UAF. She has been extremely involved in the university’s COVID-19 response, focusing on navigating a safe return for faculty, staff and students as a key member of the incident management team.