Information Technology

Planning documents

In order to maintain an open and transparent process, planning documents are being shared in draft form. 

Steering committee members

The Information Technology Council (ITC) -- with its wide range of UA leaders and constituent representatives -- will serve as the primary body advising the principles and required capabilities of a redesigned system-wide IT organization.  Current Council members are:

Benjamin Shier, UAA Interim Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor
Audrey Kirby, Coalition of Student Leaders Chair
Beverly Shuford, Ph.D., C.P.A.; UAA Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Gwendolyn Gruenig, Chief Strategy Planning and Budget Officer
John Hebard, Director of Procurement & Contract Services
John Stalvey, UAA Provost
Josh Watts, Staff Alliance Chair
Julie Queen, UAF Interim Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Dr. Karen Carey, UAS Provost
Kathleen Boyle, Interim Chief Information Security Officer
Mark Kondrak, UA Chief Information Technology Officer
Martha Mason, UAF User Services Director
Michael Ciri, UAS Vice Chancellor of Administration and Director of Information Technology
Steve Patin, Chief HR Officer
Myron Dosch, Chief Financial Officer
Owen Guthrie, Executive Director eCampus
Paul Layer, Vice President for Academics, Students & Research
Reid Brewer, Kachemak Bay Campus Director
Richard McDonald, Faculty Alliance Chair and Professor, IT Specialist Program
Saichi Oba, Associate Vice President, Student Enrollment Strategy  

Guiding principles

At the 15-Aug ITC meeting, and after more than two hours of vigorous discussion using a structured and facilitated Integrated Decision-Making Framework, Council members adopted two top-level Guiding Principles:

  • Modern Digital Workplace
  • Cost-Effective and Value-Focused

The ITC continues to formulate additional guiding principles via online forum.