Academic reviews have been suspended effective Oct. 7


Academic Review Committee Meeting Recordings

Review Committee Chair: Executive Dean Alaska College of Education Steve Atwater
Committee Charge Letter - 
Sept. 17, 2019

Review Committee Members

  • Heather Batchelder – UAS, Faculty Alliance
  • Amy Vinlove – UAF, Director    
  • Sandra Kowalski – UAF, Director 
  • Claudia Dybdahl  – UAA, Interim Director            
  • Sofie Riley – UAF, Student
  • Amanda Friendshuh – UAS, Student
  • Valerie Svencara – UAA, Student
  • Louisa Cryan – UAS, Staff
  • Holly Johanknecht – UAA, Staff
  • Julie Griswold – UAF, Staff
  • Doug Cost – UAF, Faculty Senate
  • Cathy Coulter – UAA, Faculty Senate
  • Lacey Hall – Institutional Research    
  • Scott Christian – UAS, Assoc. Dean    
  • Amy Spargo – Asst. Superintendant Mat-Su, External Stakeholder
  • Suzzak (Mary) Huntington – Bering Straight, District Office, External Stakeholder
  • Kerry Boyd – Superintendant Yukon Koyukuk School District, External Stakeholder
  • Deena Bishop – Superintendant ASD, External Stakeholder

 Phase 1 Meeting Recordings
Wednesday, August 21: 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. -- VIEW session recording
Friday, August 23: 8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. -- VIEW session recording

Session Notes
Corrections of comments that were not recorded correctly are welcome from working group participants. Please contact the session facilitator. 

Steve Atwater, Dean, UAS 
Jeffrey Lofthus, Faculty, UAS
Virgil Fredenberg, Faculty, UAS 
Claudia Dybdahl, Director, UAA
Ginger Blackmon, Faculty, UAA 
Cathy Coulter, Faculty, UAA 
Paul Ongtooguk, Faculty, UAA 
Amy Vinlove, Director, UAF 
Douglas Cost, Faculty, UAF 
Diane Kardash, Faculty, UAF 
Sean Topkok, Faculty, UAF 
Patty Meritt, Faculty, UAF 
Carie Green, Faculty, UAF 
Sandra Wildfeuer, Faculty, UAF
Ronalda Cadiente Brown, Assoc. Vice Chancellor, UAS
Valerie Gifford, Faculty, UAF
Katelin Avery, Staff, UAF
Hilary Seitz, Staff, UAF
Heather Batchelder, Faculty, UAS
Trent Sutton, Faculty, UAF
Kathleen Meckel, Faculty, UAF