Steering committee members
Facilities Council:
Joshua Watts - Staff Governance
Alesia Kruckenberg - Director Strategy & Budget, SW
Beverly Shuford - VC Administrative Services, UAA
Cameron Wohlford - Senior Project Manager, Facilities, UAF
Chris McConnell - Interim Director, Facilities, UAA
Elaine Main - Executive Assistant, Facilities and Land Management, SW
Jenny Campbell - Director, Design & Construction, UAF
Julie Queen - Interim VC Administrative Services
Kerynn Fisher - Executive Assistant, VC Admin Services, UAF
Laura Carmack - Property Manager, Facilities and Land Management, SW
Michael Ciri - VC Administrative Servies, UAS
Michelle Rizk - VP University Relations
Myron Dosch - Chief Financial Officer
Nathan Leigh - Director of Facilities, UAS
Ryan Buchholdt - Sustainability & Business Manager, UAA
Tanya Hollis - Director Cost Analysis, SW
Kim Mahoney - Interim Association Vice Chancellor, Facilities, UAA

Additional participants to be added as needed

Facilities Council: 
September 18, 2019 - 1:30 p.m.
October TBD