By a vote of 9-2 on Oct. 7, the Board of Regents ceased consideration of a single accreditation until after the University of Alaska Fairbanks secures its institutional accreditation in 2021. If the board chooses to actively consider single accreditation in the future, it will direct the president to conduct an independent cost benefit analysis and clearly examine accreditation issues. 

During any administrative transition, it is essential that Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) institutional accreditation and all specialized programmatic accreditations be maintained.

  • Administrative review teams will assess any impacts on NWCCU requirements.
  • Student Services teams will develop plans to track, advise, and transfer students.
  • UA administration is in weekly communication with NWCCU leadership.
  • NWCCU leadership is available to meet with faculty, staff, students, and Regents. 

Eligibility Requirements for Candidates for Accreditation and Accredited Higher Education Institutions

On September 5 representatives from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, the agency that accredits all three universities in the UA System, spoke with the Board of Regents Academic and Student Affairs Committee and referenced information available on its website on the accreditation process and other resources. In particular the eligibility requirements are of interest to UA communities. Find that HERE.

2020 NWCCU Eligibility Requirements and Standards (pdf)

Correspondence with NWCCU
Discussion with NWCCU - BOR Emergency Meeting Oct. 7 VIEW