Management and business

Review Committee Chair: UAF Provost Anupma Prakash
Committee Charge Letter - 
Sept. 17, 2019

Review Committee Members

  • Charla Brown – UAS, Faculty Alliance
  • Karen Markel – UAA  
  • Ralph Townsend – UAA         
  • Christie McDowell – UAA      
  • Mark Herrmann – UAF          
  • Cam Carlson – UAF    
  • Clare Baldwin – UAA, ,Student
  • Michaella Perez – UAF,  Student
  • Shayla Sulser – UAS, Staff
  • Jon Bittner – UAA, Staff
  • Carrie Santoro – UAF, Staff
  • Andreas Anger – UAF, Faculty Senate
  • Amber Sweetland – UAS, Student
  • Charlie Sparks – UAF  
  • Jo Heckman – External Stakeholder
  • Daniel Mitchell – CIRI Chief Financial Officer, External Stakeholder
  • Todd Greimann – UAS Advisory Council, External Stakeholder
  • Sander Schjivens – Wostmann & Associates, External Stakeholder

Phase 1 Meeting Recordingss
Tuesday, August 20: 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. -- VIEW session recording
Thursday, August 22: 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. -- VIEW session recording

Session Notes
Corrections of comments that were not recorded correctly are welcome from working group participants. Please contact the session facilitator.

Karen Markel, Dean, UAA 
Mark Herrmann, Dean, UAF 
Cameron Carlson, Faculty, UAF 
Tom Thornton, Faculty, UAS 
Maren Haavig, Faculty, UAS 
Christina McDowell, Faculty, UAA
Fancine Davis, Staff, UAF 
Charlie Sparks, Director, UAF 
Peggy Keiper, Faculty, UAF 
Amanda White, Director, UAF 
Tammy Tragis-McCook, Director, UAF 
Jillian Bjornstad, Student, UAA 
Erik Anderson, Student, UAA 
Gokhan Karahan, Faculty, UAA 
Mark Young, Faculty, UAF 
Charla Brown, Faculty, UAS 
Steve Horn, Faculty, KPC 
Bogdan Hoanca, Dean, UAA 
Helena Wisniewski, Faculty, UAA
Lance Howe, Faculty, UAA 
LJ Medenica, Faculty, UAS
Carrie Santoro, Staff, UAF
Cathy Brooks, Faculty, UAF

Feedback & Comments

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