Career and Technical Education

Academic reviews have been suspended effective Oct. 7

Academic Review Committee Meeting Recordings

  • Oct. 2, 2019 – VIEW  (recording started a little late)
  • Sep 23, 2019 - VIEW

Review Committee Chair: UAS Chancellor Rick Caulfield
Committee Charge Letter - 
Sept. 17, 2019

Review Committee Members

  • Teri Cothren – SW     
  • Joel Markis – UAS, Faculty Alliance
  • Kelly Smith – UAA, Faculty Senate
  • Denise Runge  – UAA 
  • Talis Colberg – UAA   
  • Michele Stalder – UAF
  • Keith Swarner – UAF 
  • Debbie Riddle – DEED , External
  • Peter Traxler – UAS    
  • Deidre Berberich – UAA, Mat-Su, faculty
  • Amie Greer – UAF, Student
  • Sophie Lager – UAS, Student
  • David Felts – UAS, Staff
  • Amanda Yauney – UAA, Staff
  • Martha Westphal – UAF, Staff
  • Rick McDonald – UAF, Faculty Senate
  • Chantelle McGinness – Institutional Research          
  • Gary Turner – UAA     
  • Bryan Uher – UAF      
  • Bonnie Nygard – UAA
  • Meg Day Smith – Donlin Gold, External
  • Cari-Ann Carty – APICC,  External


Phase 1 Meeting Recordings
Wednesday, August 21: 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. -- VIEW session recording
Friday, August 23: 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. -- VIEW session recording

Session Notes
Corrections of comments that were not recorded correctly are welcome from working group participants. Please contact the session facilitator

Priscilla Schulte, Director, Ketchikan, UAS 
Leslie Gordon, Director, Sitka, UAS 
Teri Cothren, Assoc. Vice President, SW 
Gary Turner, Director, Kenai Penninsula College, UAA 
Amanda Yauney, Director, UAA 
Bonnie Nygard, Director, UAA 
Pete Traxler, Dean, UAS 
Robin Gilcrist, Faculty, UAS 
Mike LaBarge, Faculty, UAS 
Joel Markis, Faculty, UAS 
Barb Amarok, Director, Northwest Campus, UAF 
Betty Walters, Interim Director, Kodiak, UAA 
Bryan Uher, Director, Interior Alaska Campus, UAF 
Dan O'Connor, Director, Prince William Sound College, UAA 
Denise Runge, Dean, UAA 
Linda Curda, Director, Kuskokwim, UAF 
Michele Stalder, Dean, UAF 
Sarah Randolph Andrew, Director, Bristol Bay, UAF 
Stacey Glaser, Director, Chukchi, UAF 
Talis Colberg, Director, UAA Mat-Su 
Kelly Smith, Faculty, UAA 
Galen Johnson, Faculty, UAF 
Jennifer Tilbury, Faculty, UAF 
Jeff Libby, Assoc. Dean, UAA
Shawn Russel, Faculty, UAF KuC
David Felts, Staff, UAS
Andrea Dewees, Faculty, UAS
Gabe Dunham, Faculty, UAF BB