Curriculum: Career-tech Interviews

Place-based education includes providing students with ideas about jobs and careers that can serve their communities. These short videos interviews introduce students to different types of jobs, careers, education, and training. The local Alaskans interviewed for these videos share their stories and what they like most about their work, as well as information about the skills needed for a person to be successful in the position.

Job / Career Interviewee Description
Tire and Auto Repair Howard "Chugie" Farley Jr Learn about Chugie's experience in starting his own local business of Tire and auto repair. He talks about why he likes this line of work and the skills involved.
Mechanical Engineer Robbin Garber-Slaght Learn what it is to be a mechanical engineer. Robbin shares her story and the fact that she was bad at math. This video shares the skills of puzzle solving that engineers use.
Graduate Student / Coastal Erosion Roberta Glenn Learn about the impact of gathering data that can help rural communities steer policies and make decisions for the future. Her research is in Coastal erosion and her focus is bridging the gap between scientists and rural communities. 
Environmental Coordinator Vanessa Tahbone Working for Kawerack, Vanessa's job brings her both inside and outside, with hands-on work. She works with many different groups, and helps to coordinate recycling. She continues getting training to learn about storage, disposal and cleanup.