Virtual Workshops

TASK staff, teachers and scientists have been gathering for virtual workshops over Zoom. Drone Workshops have enabled teachers to gather greater visual information about landscapes, and can share this information with their fellow teacher groups in their different sites. Starting March 5th, on a weekly basis, they have met, sharing information and learning more about the different climates, flora, and fauna.

TASK Virtual Workshop 1 Frederick Reppun Place-Based Education at He’eia National Estuarine Research Reserve


TASK Virtual Workshop 2 Kanaloa Bishop Placed Based Education at the He’eia Fishpond


TASK Virtual Workshop 3 Mark Heckman Corals of the Pacific


TASK Virtual Workshop 4 Rick Thoman Environmental Changes in the Northernmost Pacific


TASK Virtual Workshop 5 Bill Tweet Aviation History of Nome Alaska


TASK Virtual Curriculum Workshop Kapono Ciotti Designing Place-Based Curriculum