Alaska and Hawai'i Information Resources


ANKN Guidelines

Guidelines for Strengthening Indigenous Lang. (PDF)
Guidelines for Respecting Cultural Knowledge (PDF)
Guidelines for Preparing Culturally-Responsive Teachers for Alaska's Schools (PDF)
ANKN website

Elder Guidelines

Guidelines for Interviewing Elders

Resources for Alaska & Nome

NOAA Demographics
USGS Nome History 1
USGS Maps Nome History 2
BLM AK Nome Geology
BLM Maps National Park Service
State Governance Nome Crime Rate
AK History Site 1 Nome Harbor
AK History Site 2 Nome Demographics
AK F & G Educ. Nome City Government
AK F & G Species NG Science Standards
US F&WS 5 Science E's
AK Geology K20 Learn


Hawai'i School District

The Hawaiian school districts' multilingualism page helps to show the importance that Hawai'i places on multiculturalism and multilingualism.

Honolulu Culture

The Ka'iwakiloumoku Hawaiian Cultural Center helps to preserve Hawaiian culture.

Resources for Hawai'i and Waianae

NOAA Demographics
USGS Maps Waianae History Site 1
USGS Waianae History Site 2
State DNR Waianae Geologic Maps
DNR Maps Waianae Crime Rate
State Governance Waianae Harbor
HI History Site 1 Waianae Demographics
Hi History Site 2 Waianae Census
US F&WS Honolulu City & County
HI Geology Waianae City Hall
5 Science E's NG Science Standards
K20 Learn