Content: Culture-based

Here, you will find a list of organizations and resources specifically include or address Indigenous knowledge (like the Alaska Native Knowledge Network).

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Anchorage Daily News: “‘The Original Hoodie’: Sharing the Beauty and Joy of
the Alaska Kuspuk”
This article talks about the modern day qaspeq (kuspuk).
Cultural Star Knowledge
These pages hosted by the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) provide information about how different cultures view the stars, and the stories that some cultures tell about the stars. The last pages can be printed out and given to students who can then tell or share their own stories about the stars. Could be adapted for younger or older students.
Morning Star Agesqurpak: Yup’ik Story told by Annie
This story, from the "Math in a Cultural Context" publications, is told in both English and Yup’ik, by Annie Blue. It is about the morning star. The publication could be used in the classroom independently or “with some of the activities in the Measuring Proportionally lesson.”
Indigenous Pathways
to Education
The Alaska Native Knowledge Network hosts links to various K12 resources like the Subsistence Spiral Chart, in addition to resources for technical training at the university level.
Alaska Native Knowledge Network: “Snow on the Ground Changes Through
This complete lesson plan, hosted by the Alaska Native Knowledge Network, leads students through an investigation to learn about how and why snow and ice can be used for shelter. The lesson plan includes information about how snow changes through time, and an activity designed to show students this change. It also includes a practical lesson on building a snow shelter.
Remembering traditional astronomy
in Arctic
This 2016 article from the Anchorage Daily News talks about traditional and Alaska Native star knowledge. It could be used as a reading activity or as background information in the classroom.
Above & Beyond—Canada’s Arctic Journal “Traditional Inuit Clothing” https://arcticjournal
The article on this page talks about traditional skin clothing from a modern lens. The images show contemporary people making and wearing traditional arctic-style clothing.
TA News: “Does an Igloo or a Quinzee
Make a Better Snow Shelter?”
This is a blog post from the Thetford Academy that discusses a student-led activity of building ice shelters.