System Office Mission Statement

System Office in Fairbanks with flying geese

A Mission Statement for the System Office

The System Office Administrative Review completed in May 2021 recommended that the System Office formalize a mission statement “that explicitly affirms the role of the office." The resulting statement will be formalized into BOR policy and will serve as a tool to guide the System Office.

The work is expected to conclude in early May. 

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to build clarity behind the role of the System Office, ensure alignment with leadership vision and system priorities, create accountability, and develop a measure against which employees across the university system can evaluate the work they are doing and how it contributes to the mission of the University of Alaska system.


Development of a SO Mission statement is underway - System Office Bulletin - March 25, 2022

Development of a SO Mission statement is underway - UA News - March 18, 2022

Work team convened to draft formal System Office Mission Statement - UA News - Feb. 18, 2022


University of Alaska system-wide survey - April 14 - April 22
Employees of the University of Alaska are asked to provide feedback on three versions of a potential System Office mission statement to rate how well each of the proposed statements captures the mission and role of the System Office (formerly known as Statewide Administration) and resonates with university stakeholders. The survey is open to stakeholders across the system from April 14 to April 22. Comments and feedback on each of the statements will be used by the working team to help finalize a mission statement for the University of Alaska System Office.

System Office Mission Statement Survey - System Office Staff - March 10 - March 18

survey response wordle
The 32 open text responses to 7 questions in the System Office employee survey are combined to make a word cloud highlighting key terms including service, support, system, students and universities.

Work Team

With the support of Interim President Pat Pitney, a team comprising representatives from the three universities and the System Office convened on January 21 to organize and initiate this process.

The work team members are:

  • Monique Musick, System Office, Manager Communications & Marketing - lead
  • Ian Hartman, UAA, Assoc. Professor of History
  • Michelle Pope, System Office, Director of Human Resources Operations
  • David Bishko, System Office, Acting Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Wayne Mowery Jr., System Office, Assoc. General Counsel
  • Michael Ciri, UAS, Vice Chancellor Administrative Services
  • Bruce Schultz, UAA, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Andrew Aquino, System Office, Project Coordinator
  • Nettie La Belle-Hamer, UAF, Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Ronnie Houchin, UAF, Associate Director for Student Engagement, Staff Alliance representative


Creating an open and inclusive process for input and feedback is critical to the success of this endeavor. The team is committed to providing regular updates and communication, holding forums, remaining open for feedback and collaboration, and engaging stakeholders to create the best possible product including the use of surveys, face-to-face meetings, feedback forms, and ranking of proposed mission statements. Use the form below or access it via Google.