System Office Staff Council November Meeting Highlights

November 23, 2022


  • Mary Gower gave a presentation on Institutional Compliance. It was great to have someone so familiar with this topic educate us on the many, many areas we must maintain compliance in, as well as who is responsible for maintaining this compliance.
  • Bryan Hoppough joined us to give us an update on HR projects and process changes.

Meeting Discussion

  • We’re collecting comments on the  EAIP (Educational Attainment Incentive Program). Please submit any comments you may have with our staff comment form.
  • Great public comments! Thank you so much for submitting your comments. Please continue to do so. The more voices we hear, the more diversity we can include in our conversations about improving the environment for our staff!
  • There were updates on the many Staff Alliance and SOSC committees! Feel free to attend the next meeting for additional updates! Our committees include:
    • Marale/Events
    • Awards
    • Nominations
    • Staff Development Day
    • Compensation
    • Ombuds
    • Staff Healthcare
    • Staff Development Fund
  • There was conversation about accessibility and the upcoming work for the Web accessibility VRA.
  • There were 269 attendees in the Zoom and 231 on the livestream for our Systemwide Town Hall on November 8th! Future improvements may include some way to determine which topics belong with the president, and which should be addressed with each University’s chancellor.
  • The Disability Services Conference was a hit! 

For all the details I couldn’t fit into this page, check out our
Meeting Minutes.
SOSC will meet next 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 8th. All staff are encouraged and welcome to attend!

Reach out to SOSC representatives to share your ideas and/or concerns, or submit a comment via our staff comment form. Additional information about SOSC and the Zoom link for regular meetings is available on its website.