Red Flags

To assist managers and supervisors in performing risk assessments of their programs and activities, we are providing the following list of issues that we consider “red flags”.  If these red flags fit your activity, and you haven’t already discussed how to minimize these risks with your Risk Management and/or Environmental, Health and Safety department, please contact them for assistance.

  1. Transportation of people using non-common carriers, (includes personal vehicles), to transport students, guests, and visitors.
  2. Involvement of minors (under the age of 18) in any university program or activity.  See program evaluation and planning tools at:  Minors in UA Programs & Events 
  3. Use of hazardous chemicals or materials in any program or activity.
  4. Performing hazardous activities (extreme sports, wilderness events, ice or mountain climbing, bonfires, use or carrying of firearms, etc.).
  5. Contracts and memoranda of agreements with outside entities that include insurance or indemnification clauses that have not been approved by General Counsel and/or Risk Services.
  6. Foreign travel by employees and students (includes Mexico and Canada).
  7. Paying student salaries through the university system to work for other entities.
  8. Renting vehicles for use by non-employees.