TVEP Reauthorization

The Alaska Legislature established the Technical Vocational Education Program (TVEP) in 2000, designating a portion of the Unemployment Insurance receipts for career and technical education. Funds are distributed to the University of Alaska and other Regional Training Centers. 

The University of Alaska has been a major recipient of TVEP funding since the program’s inception. Preparing a qualified workforce is a core part of UA’s mission. The university needs reauthorization of this important state law. TVEP provides for high-demand career and technical education training that is industry-specific.

2021 Technical Vocational Education Program Overview and Outcomes Report (PDF)

TVEP Results

Through TVEP the University of Alaska has:

  • Trained hundreds of Alaskans for jobs in oil, gas, and mining sectors
  • Tripled the number of nurses trained in Alaska
  • Doubled the number of engineering graduates
  • Created workforce development plans for the health, education, mining, oil & gas, and maritime industries
  • Opened opportunities for apprenticeship and competency-based training to count toward a degree

Workforce Development Priorities

  • Economic and Community Development: Respond to emerging industries, identifying solutions for workforce issues and meeting the needs of employers, communities and the state.
  • Career Pathways: Prepare individuals for careers and advancing over time to successively higher levels of education and employment.
  • High Demand Jobs: Respond to shortages and projected demands in Alaskan industries.