University of Alaska Advocacy Materials

FY25 Advocacy Materials:

About the UA System

University FY25 Budget Materials

Publications available from the Strategy, Planning, and Budget Office include:

  • Governor's Budget 
  • Operating and Capital Budget Requests (Redbook)
  • Authorized Operating and Capital Budget (Yellowbook)
  • Budget planning documents, facilities inventory and more

Advocacy Actions

#supportUA on social media

Social media is a great place to share positive news about the university - and to respectfully correct misinformation when you encounter it.  As always, the most effective tool is your personal story. Share how you have been impacted by the University of Alaska, why you support funding the university and why you oppose huge cuts to education. 

Contact your representatives

Please review the Compliance Chat on Partisan Political Activity for a brief yet comprehensive overview of the guidelines aimed at avoiding potential issues concerning political activity.

When contacting legislators remember to make your communication personal to your own views.  While it’s good to be aware of the University of Alaska budget, it’s preferable to talk to legislators about what you know best.

If you live in a particular legislative district—speak to your representatives as a voter and constituent; tell them specific ways you’d like to see them support UA.

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