Contact your legislator

We encourage you to lend your voice to our effort to support critical investment in the University of Alaska. You are most effective when you communicate the personal reasons you support funding the university. 

Share with lawmakers why the university matters to you, your family, and your community.  If you’re wondering what to say, you can start by thanking legislators for their work and their support of the University of Alaska. 

When communicating with legislators, please do so on your personal time such as during lunch or after work, and avoid using your university email.

UA Alumni in Government
Did you know that we have many UA alumni serving in government?  Check out the list of who is currently serving. 

To send an email:
To a representative: Rep.First Name.Last
To a senator: Sen.First Name.Last 

Not sure who represents you? 
If you don't know who your legislators are, use the "Who Represents Me?" tool on the bottom right of the Alaska Legislature's homepage

Tell UA's Story!

In addition to reaching out to elected officials, here are some other examples of effective outreach:

  • Make a presentation on your work at the university before an organization you belong to
  • Write a letter to the editor about the importance of the University of Alaska
  • Have a bigger idea? Coordinate with your communications department and draft an opinion editorial
  • Create and share a social media post on positive attribute or action of the university
  • Share posts done by others with your community
  • Email positive examples of UA successes to a group of your friends or colleagues
  • Correct misinformation when you encounter it online and in-person