Participants in the inaugural 2008 Institute held in Santa Barbara

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Documents for CoLang workshops are available at:

Title Instructor(s)
Acquiring Language Competence in the Field (workshop cancelled) Hannah Sarvasy
Audio Recording Yoshi Ono
Toshi Nakayama
Community Language Archives Susan Gehr
Susan Smythe Kung
Consent, Rights and Intellectual Property: Navigating Language Documentation, Archiving, and Research

Susan Smythe Kung 
Edward Alexander 

Cultural Impact in Community Linguistics Hali Dardar
Database Design, Annotation and Archiving with SayMore Sarah Ruth Moeller
Documentation of Orature Imelda Udoh
Uwemedimo Iwoketok
Documenting the Language of Landscape Carolyn O'Meara
Gary Holton
Elan I and II Andrea Berez
Chris Cox
Flex I and II Juliet Morgan
Grant Writing Spike Gildea
Margaret Florey
Integrating Experimental Methods, Language Documentation, and (Linguistic) Theory Michal Martinez
Seunghun J. Lee
Introduction to Linguistics 1 and 2 Pat Shaw
Language Activism Kennedy Bosire
Jenny Davis
Language and Wellness Doug Whalen
Alice Taff
Lexicography Arienne Dwyer
Life in Communities Spike Gildea
Jorge (Emilio) Rosés Labrada
Miromaa tools and methodology for community led language documentation and conservation Daryn McKenny
Oral Annotation Methods Olivia Sammons
Chris Cox

Keren Rice
Michael Cahill

Phonetic Analysis with Praat

Katherine Nelson
Penelope Howe
Preparing language data for archiving (workshop cancelled) Sophie Salffner
Project Planning Margaret Florey
Recording and using video in language documentation Mandana Seyfiddinipur
Ben Levine
Spatial Visualization and Language Documentation Kristine A. Hildebrandt
Survey Methods

Keren Rice
Ivan Ozbolt

Talk it up! Integrating and prioritizing conversational data in documentation Nick Williams
Kristine Stenzel
Barbara Fox
Teaching an Indigenous Language Hishinlai’ Peter
Teaching Pronunciation for Indigenous Languages Colleen Fitzgerald
Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins
Transcription Bradley McDonnell
Eno-Abasi Urua
Using Ethnography in Language Documentation and Revitalization Sarah Shulist
Faun Rice
Wikis and Wikipedia for Endangered Languages Gretchen McCulloch
Lauren Gawne
Working with Archival Materials Megan Lukaniec
Susan Gehr

Pre-Practicum Workshops 

These pre-practicum workshops will take place in the second week and are intended primarily to prepare students for the practicum by providing background information on the language. These workshops are required for participants in the post-workshop practicum sessions, but they are open to all interest students. 

Miyako Toshihide Nakayama
Yoshi Ono
Miyako speakers
Han Willem De Reuse
Ruth Ridley
Unangam Tunuu Anna Berge
Moses Dirks