CoLang 2016

Audio Recording

Yoshi Ono and Toshi Nakayama

Audio Recording

Attention! If you have audio recorders, mics, etc, please bring them with you as only a limited number of recording devices will be available on-site.

This is one of the courses you need in order to do language documentation. Audio recording is the backbone of most language documentation and language maintenance projects. In this hands-on workshop, we will cover principles of making and editing audio recordings. Questions addressed include: How do I make a clean recording? How do I get the recording into a computer, chop it up, and save it for posterity? How do I keep track of all the recordings I have? What sorts of free software is available to edit audio? What is the best, most durable gear that won’t break the bank? The list of topics to be covered will be adjusted depending on the needs of the workshop participants. Materials covered in this workshop, with further practice, should prepare participants to do basic documentation work.


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