Andrea Berez
Chris Cox

This two-part workshop provides a hands-on introduction to ELAN, one of the standard software tools in language documentation and revitalization for creating time-aligned transcripts that associate text with audio and video.

In the first part of this workshop, participants are introduced to the basic functions of ELAN, learning how to create time-aligned transcripts that cover a range of common situations and exploring how to customize transcripts to meet their own linguistic needs.The second part of the workshop uses ELAN to accomplish common tasks in language documentation and revitalization. This includes creating user-friendly presentations of time-aligned transcripts (e.g., as subtitled audio or video recordings), searching and retrieving information in ELAN, and using ELAN in linguistic analysis.

No previous experience with ELAN is required.  The instructors will provide example materials for in-class use, as well as a course pack and step-by-step instructions for each of the techniques demonstrated.