February 17-19, 2009

Board of Regents Meeting
February 17-19, 2009
Juneau, Alaska


PUBLIC TESTIMONY WILL BE HEARD AT APPROXIMATELY 10:00 A.M. ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2009 AND AT 8:00 A.M. ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2009 IN THE TREADWELL ROOM, BARANOF HOTEL. Sign-up sheets will be available prior to the meeting. The chair will determine when public testimony is closed.

Comments are limited to three minutes per individual or as determined by the chair. Written comments are accepted and will be distributed to the Board of Regents and President Hamilton following the meeting.


Full agenda with references are sent to all University of Alaska campus libraries. For further information, please call the Board of Regents' Office at 450-8010 or e-mail SYBOR@alaska.edu.

Meeting Schedule

Full Board Agenda
Academic and Student Affairs Agenda
Facilities and Land Management Agenda
Finance Committee Agenda
Human Resources Committee Agenda
Planning and Development Committee Agenda

Reference 1 - Education Plan Draft
Reference 2 - Industrial Security Resolution
Reference 3 - Corporate Authority Resolution
Reference 4 - Travel Policy
Reference 5 - Development Efforts
Reference 6 - UAF Grad Cert Statistics
Reference 7 - Anderson Building Remodel
Reference 8 - Sitka Health Science Building
Reference 9 - Critical Electrical Distribution
Reference 10 - UAA Master Plan Amendments
Reference 11 - UAA Health Sciences Bldg
Reference 12 - UAA Sports Arena
Reference 13 - Construction in Progress
Reference 14 - IT Issues
Reference 15 - Spending Allowance Rate
Reference 16 - Supplemental Request
Reference 17 - Receipt Authority
Reference 18 - Labor Relations