Student Commissioner - Job Description

The Legislature created the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (ACPE) in 1974 to centralize planning for higher education and administer financial aid programs.  ACPE is overseen by a fourteen-member body established by law, representing educational bodies and the general public.  Guided by the commission, the executive director and staff develop and implement programs and policies to increase access to the benefits of higher education.  ACPE provides: 

  • education planning tools and resources
  • advocacy and support for postsecondary participation in Alaska
  • financial aid for college and career training
  • education consumer protection through institutional authorization and complaint investigation

 ACPE’s student commissioner’s role is to ensure the voice of students in Alaska is considered in all commission actions.  Thus, the student representative fully participates in meetings and votes on matters before the commission.  In addition to the student's regular commissioner responsibilities, the student commissioner provides an oral report at commission meetings on matters that occur throughout the student's schooling that may be of importance to students or to the commission, and develops relationships with student governance groups across the state, to ensure the groups are aware of commission programs and services.

ACPE meets at a minimum quarterly.