The Office of Workforce Development is pleased to announce the hiring of Katie Vachris!

Katie Vachris
Katie Vachris, administrative coordinator

Katie’s role is the Administrative Coordinator. Her duties include supporting the development, implementation, evaluation, and improvement of projects and initiatives that advance UA’s ability to be responsive to emerging and growing workforce needs.

She transitioned from the Department of Natural Resources where she served as a Business Analyst. Her work involved improving systems and procedures, updating records and records retention policies, managing budgets, overseeing administrative staff, and increasing training opportunities for employees. 

Katie was raised in Anchorage, Alaska. In addition to a bachelor’s degree from UAA, she completed an MBA, and in 2020, earned a Doctor of Business Administration degree with a focus in Project Management from Liberty University. Her skills as a project manager will prove invaluable to the Office of Workforce Development in its pursuit of greater opportunities to develop and retain Alaskan workers for Alaska’s jobs. 

Katie enjoys exploring Alaska with her family. Born in Texas, Alaska’s mountains, water, and wildlife never cease to impress. Photography is a passion of hers and she believes there is truly no better state to explore through the lens of a camera than Alaska. Welcome, Katie!