Winter parking lot etiquette

Now that it's winter, here is a reminder about parking lot etiquette in the Butrovich lot. 

Parking lot tips:

  • Since the snow is covering up the lines, please use the markings on the retaining wall. *Your car should be in the middle of the horizontal lines.*

  • The vertical lines on the wall are the open space around vehicles. Please make sure to check this even if you are backing into the parking space.

  • When you park where there are only head bolt heaters (no wall with guidelines)- please make sure you park on either side of an outlet (it should not be directly in the middle of your car nor you should notyour car be in the middle of of centered between posts). This is for  applies both to the far lot and the spaces right in front of the building.

  • The guest parking spaces are for guests ONLY. They are not for staff. Please do not park in these spaces.

  • The area in front of the flagpole is also not for staff parking. This area is for UAF Police and Facilities Services when they have work in the building.