Inclement Weather Statement and Emergency Closure Guidelines

November 04, 2022

In an October 14 memo CHRO Memry Dahl reminded system office employees of the UA SO Inclement Weather Statement and Emergency Closure Guidelines. At your earliest convenience, please take a moment to confirm that your UA Alerts profile is up to date. Employee alerts subscriptions and contact information can be accessed at:

Full Memo:

Snow and slippery conditions during the winter months may make it difficult for you to travel to work. Please use your best judgment, communicate with your supervisor,  and do not put your safety at risk when it comes to traveling to work in dangerous weather conditions. Below are the University regulation and general guidelines for these occasions, keeping in mind that employee safety is the highest priority. Note that employees of the System Office will use and follow University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) protocols in Anchorage, University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) protocols in Fairbanks, and University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) protocols in Juneau. 

As defined in University Regulations:

R04.06.140. Administrative Leave.

A. Administrative leave may be granted to an employee or a group of employees for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to:
. . .
3. Severe, adverse weather conditions which may threaten the safety of individuals currently working or who may be traveling to/from work.
. . .
D. Administrative leave for severe, adverse weather conditions may be used at the discretion of the individual, leave-eligible employee but only after an authorization of “personal safety” administrative leave use is announced by the president, chancellor, or designee for the system, a university or community campus. Employees already scheduled out on other types of leave (annual, sick, etc.) or Leave without Pay are not eligible for personal safety administrative leave for that day.

If there is a closure due to inclement weather: 

Administrative leave use during an inclement weather closure is intended for employees who are unable to work remotely when the Chancellor at your location decides that the campus is closed due to weather. Use earnings code 466 - Administrative Leave on your timesheet. Temporary and student employees are not eligible for weather-related administrative leave.

Remote work:

Remote work can and should continue if possible if adverse weather conditions permit. This means that those who have remote work agreements in place, as well as those who can effectively work remotely, should do so even on closure days if conditions permit. Employees should discuss specific conditions or circumstances which prevent remote work with their primary supervisor. 

Guidelines for Inclement Weather without Office Closure:

Employee well-being is our first concern, so contact your supervisor to work out possible options such as:

  • Working from home

  • Working adjusted hours for the day

  • Using annual leave to stay home

In Fairbanks:

In case of inclement weather, UAF posts campuswide alerts at, and via @UAFairbanks on Facebook and Twitter. These are the official channels UAF will use to notify you of class cancellations or for other weather-related instructions.

In Anchorage:

The employees of the Bragaw Office Building (BOB) will follow the lead of UAA with regard to weather-related closures. BOB is included under the umbrella of the Anchorage Core notifications.

In Juneau: 

Employees on the Juneau Campus will follow UAS guidance with regard to weather-related or emergency closures. Methods of communication may include:

  • UAS RAVE Alert/timely warning

  • Email

  • Social Media/News

At your earliest convenience, please take a moment to confirm that your UA Alerts profile is up to date. Employee alerts subscriptions and contact information can be accessed at: