2021 Staff Longevity Award recipients recognized by System Office

The UA System Office recognized the 2021 Staff Longevity Award recipients with a virtual awards ceremony last week.

Staff who have served the university for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years received recognitions of service. Outstanding employee and department awards were also announced. 

UA Interim President Pat Pitney recognized the hard work of all System Office employees and thanked staff for dedication during a difficult year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Below is a list of award recipients: 

5 years
- Linda M. Baschky, Project Manager
- Charla Bodle, Talent Aquisition Specialist
- Genevieve Bright, Principal Gifts Officer
- Scott A. Fronzuto, Video Support Specialist
- Mary Goldsby, HR Accounting Assistant 
- Robbie Graham, Assistant Vice President Public Affairs
- John M. McGee, HR Information Systems Specialist
- Rhonda McKay, Senior Talent Aquisition Specialist
- Jeff Whiteside, Senior Network Communications Specialist

10 years
- Russell Gillmore, Lead Programer
- Carrie L. Santoro, Controller, UA Foundation 

15 years
- Amber R. Gichard, Director of Fund & Gift Services
- Wendy S. Huesties, Senior Budget Officer
- Chris Young, Senior Analyst Programmer 

20 years
- Gwendolyn Gruenig, Associate VP Data Strategy & Institutional Research
- Tlisa Northcutt, Chief Donor Relations Officer
- Maren Savage, Sr. Contracting Officer/Restricted Fund Management Officer
- Laurie Swartz, Senior Property Manager
- Jarkko Toivanen, Manager, OIT Telecommunications Services
- James Yauney, Sr. HR Business Partner & Advisor to the CHRO

25 years
- Myron J. Dosch, Chief Finance Officer
- David Woodley, Chief Data Officer

30 years
- Connie Hooper, Capital and Plant Fund Analyst


Batsuren Ganbat was recognized as this year's Student Outsanding Employee. 

Nick Gramstad was recognized as this year's Non-Exempt Outsanding Employee. 

Alesia Kruckenberg was recognized as this year's Exempt Outstanding Employee. 

UA Foundation Data Services was recognized as this year's Oustanding Department. 


A recording of the presentation can be found at: https://alaska.zoom.us/rec/share/nTyFSKZP8X9wOLxd0EtBaXMHOv0ordehOhHkIIuurpVcTLJl_xggYm_7QAz-KpfX.HhECwoUP49HyDu1R


Congratulations to all award recipients!