Now underway: Butrovich Orphaned Coffee Mug Drive

Mugs wanted! Here’s how it works: check your kitchenettes at work (or your cupboards at home) for any coffee mugs that may be multiplying in hidden corners. If you find orphans that need to be rehomed, bring them to Lisa in Butrovich Suite 102, by the windows, behind the purple vine. 

Lisa and her elves will stuff them with a candy cane, gourmet cocoa, and wrapped chocolates, then give them a festive wrapping and a bow. All mugs needing a new home are welcome. A Christmas theme is not necessary…any design is fine, or no design at all.

The elves will dress them up and take them to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank for inclusion in the Christmas food boxes. Once distributed, the mugs will meet their new families and bring a bit of unexpected holiday cheer.

The mug drive started in 2007 because Butrovich kitchenettes (and some people’s kitchens) were overflowing with unwanted mugs. In 12 years, 1,569 mugs have found new homes through the Butrovich Orphaned Coffee Mug Drive. The Food Bank looks forward to this unique donation every year. If you’d like to help out but all your mugs are adequately homed, feel free to bring in a bag of wrapped Christmas chocolates. It takes a lot of candies to fill all those mugs!

For more information, contact Lisa Sporleder, Chief Mug Elf at 450-8364.