Expense Report

The Expense Report is the official document for approving travel costs and dates associated with an authorized trip. It provides final documentation of the trip as it happened including detailed itemization of costs and modifications made after the Request was approved.

  1. The approver receives an email notifying them of a Report pending their approval
  2. Sign into Concur or click the link provided in the email
  3. Access pending approvals from either
    1. My Tasks: Required Approvals on the homepage dashboard or
    2. The Approvals module
  4. Select "Expense Reports" to access documents pending approval
  5. Click on the Report Name to open the document


  1. Open the Report Header to view primary trip information
  2. Open the “Detailed Report” to view a full summary of all expenses, payment types and associated allocations
  3. Select individual expenses to view their details
  4. Attach additional receipt images and documentation if needed
  5. Adjust the "Approved Amount" of an expense if needed
  6. Once reviewed, select one of the following actions:
    1. Send Back to User –If the Report needs corrections or is not approved, this sends it back to the traveler for correction and resubmission
    2. Approve – Moves Report to the next step in the Approval Flow
    3. Approve & Forward – Opens window to approve and send Report to an additional approver

Add an Approver

  1. Select “Approve & Forward”
  2. Search for and select the additional approver
  3. Add any necessary Comments then “Approve & Forward”


  1. Select "Approval Flow" from the Details drop-down menu
  2. Click the blue “+” to add an approval step
  3. “Save Workflow” or “Approve” from here

Note: The campus Processor (travel auditor) is the final approval step on Reports regardless of any other approvals in the Approval Flow. If the Processor sends the Report to an additional approver, the Report always goes back to them for final approval.