Planning Committee

  Stay on TRACK Planning Committee  
Northwest Campus Kacey Miller Student Services Manager
UAA- Kenai Shauna Thornton Student Advisor
UAA Lacy Karpilo Associate Vice Chancellor
UAF Carla Browning Communications Manager
UAF Ronnie Houchin New Student Orientation Coordinator
UAF Stacey Howdeshell Advisor/Information Specialist
UAF Mathew Carrick Chair, Coalition of Student Leaders
UAF Dianna Rupp UAF Student
UAF Hayley Williams Lead Graduation Coordinator
UAF Holly Sherouse Manager, Curriculum & Records
UAF Ginny Kinne Director of Academic Advising
UAS Barbara Hegel Registrar
UAS - Ketchikan Krystalee Gabbard Student Representative
SW Dustin Bawcom Specialist
SW Mary Gower Director of Enrollment Services
SW Saichi Oba Associate VP
SW Arthur Hussey Manager of Student Services
SW Monique Musick Graphic Designer, Photographer
SW Kate Wattum Assistant Director of Public Affairs