College Application Week

National College Application Week is a national movement to help students recognize the need to apply early to various colleges. The earlier application date allows students greater financial/scholarship opportunities, more choices of colleges and more time to prepare for their college freshman year.

During College Application Week, the University of Alaska, working with several high schools and counselors around the state, will be encouraging high school seniors to apply to at least one college. Our intention is to try and have someone available at each site to answer questions from students, and to help them with filling out applications.

Counselor Resources

All applications to University of Alaska are done through the University‚Äôs portal, UAOnline, Paper applications are also accepted. Students are under no obligation to attend once they apply, but applying is a good first step to starting the college process. University of Alaska staff are available to assist with applications.

For further assistance, please contact the University of Alaska campus your student wants to attend:

University of Alaska Anchorage

  • 106 University Center 3211 Providence Drive Anchorage, AK. 99508-4614
  • 907-786-1480

University of Alaska Fairbanks

  • 2nd floor Signers Hall, P.O. Box 757480 Fairbanks, AK. 99775
  • 907-474-7500 -- 1-800-478-1823

University of Alaska Southeast: Admissions Office



Event Ideas

For counselors/schools participating in College Application Week, here are some ideas for your event. Contact us if you have any you think would make good additions to the list!

Before CAW:

  • Advertise College Application week during other school events. This will help news of the event reach both students and parents.
  • Recruit event volunteers early!
  • Round up donations/giveaways/college-related handouts to give out to students.
  • Don't go it alone! Organize a team at your school to help plan and coordinate the event.
  • College Application Week is about helping students apply to a college they're interested in. If possible, encourage them to research colleges and application requirements before the event.

During CAW:

  • Have the counselors/volunteers wear college-themed apparel. Even better, see if they can wear something from the college they attended!
  • If your school has a homeroom period, see if teachers will allow students to participate during that time.
  • Have other teachers not directly involved in CAW still try to participate somehow. For example, see if they can decorate their classrooms or doors with related materials.
  • Consider hosting an after school event one day for parents and students.
  • Offer "I applied!" stickers similar to the ones used for people who vote at elections.
  • Have students who already applied help other students with their applications and encourage other students to apply.

After CAW:

  • After CAW, figure out how much money the students at your school saved in application fees, and share that information with your school.
  • Have an event later in the year congratulating everyone who applied and/or accepted to college.
  • Send us your suggestions and feedback on how we can improve College Application Week!

Important Links

College Resource Center by Big Future has printouts and presentations to supplement the work you are doing with families and students. 

Step by Step: College Awareness and Planning: Early High School is a curriculum publication by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) composed of games, talking points, activities and objectives. 

College Planning and Career Exploration Program workbook by College Board for  middle school, grades  9/10 and  11/12.

Applying to College: R U Ready?  Flowchart by MN Office of Higher Education..

Completing the FAFSA  Flowchart by MN Office of Higher Education.

Five Ways Ed Pays is a vivid brochure highlighting the lifelong advantages of going to college.

Financial Aid Check List by Big Future for parents and students.

Activities to Create a College Going Culture by inpathways includes activities and websites for all high school students to explore and prepare for college. 

ACT and   SAT websites for students to register and familiarize themselves with.  

NACAC Application fee waiver. Please check FAQ for eligibility requirements. 

College Comparison Worksheet   from Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

What You'll Need to Apply article for students applying to colleges. 

Identify What you Want in a School  article to help students decide on a college. 

Parent's Guide to Letting Go article acknowledging the struggles parents have when their children go to college. 

Simple Tuition is a website that allows parents and students to learn about and compare student loans.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams is an article that sheds light on scams that occur to students and families trying to pay for college.