Request the President's Participation at an Event

To request the president's participation, please send the following info to

  • Event name and host
  • Event date, start and end times
  • Event description. Include theme/topic, purpose, desired outcomes, history of the event, and whether a meal or refreshments will be served.
  • Event location. [Be specific: address, room number, directions and/or attach a map.]
  • President's expected role. [Attendance only, Panelist, Speaker, Judge, Other]
  • Preferred arrival time; if necessary, describe where the president should report (or who to report to) upon arrival.
  • Requested duration of the president's participation
  • Recommended attire. [Formal, business professional, business casual, casual, other]:
  • Describe the size and composition of expected audience (for example: business, education, government, donors, high school students, UA students, faculty, staff, deans, directors).
  • Describe whether the president is part of a stage party, any special seating, ticketing information, registration requirements, etc.

If presidential remarks are expected, please indicate the length, type (welcome, thank you, congratulatory, introductory, keynote, lecture, etc.) and provide - a least one week prior to the event - suggested talking points and topics you would like the president to address. Attach other helpful materials such as agendas, programs and links to pertinent websites.

Please provide a contact person for questions relative to the event, briefing materials and talking points.