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Dean, College of Engineering & Mines - Doug Goering
Ph: 907.474.5059      Fax: 907.474.6141

College of Engineering and Mines
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Duckering Building Room 329
P.O. Box 755905
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-5905

Dr. Goering's current research interests include computational heat transfer and fluid mechanics, numerical modeling, energy systems, and heat transfer in cold climates. He has worked extensively with numerical simulations of heat transfer in permafrost, natural and forced convection, and phase change processes. He is currently serving as Principal Investigator on several funded projects, one of which is aimed at examining the heat transfer characteristics of a new permafrost-resistant roadbed technology. In order to refine and predict the thermal performance of the new roadway, numerical simulations were carried out using the supercomputing facilities at the Arctic Region Supercomputer Center at UAF. In addition, field studies of the new roadway design have been on-going for the past several years.

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