Board of Regents


Special Meeting of the

University of Alaska Board of Regents

and Members of the Alaska Legislature

December 17, 1997

Anchorage, Alaska


Regents Present:
Michael P. Kelly, President
R. Danforth Ogg, Vice President
Mary Jane Fate, Secretary
Chancy Croft, Treasurer
Michael J. Burns
Elsa Froehlich Demeksa
Sharon D. Gagnon
Joseph R. Henri
Annette M. Nelson-Wright
Joe J. Thomas
Lew M. Williams, Jr.

Jerome B. Komisar, Executive Officer and President of the University of Alaska

State of Alaska Legislators Present:
Representative Con Bunde
Representative Eric Croft
Representative John Davies
Senator Dave Donley
Senator Lyda Green
Representative Pete Kelly
Senator Tim Kelly
Senator Loren Leman
Senator Drue Pearce
Representative Gail Phillips
Representative Brian Porter
Representative Gene Therriault
Senator John Torgerson
Senator Gary Wilken

Others Present:
David Creamer, Vice President for Finance and Planning
James A. Parrish, General Counsel
Marshall Lind, Chancellor, University of Alaska Southeast
Robert Miller, Director, Public Affairs
Ann Ringstad, Director, Government Relations
Jeannie D. Phillips, Board of Regents’ Officer
Dawn Hunziker, Board of Regents’ Coordinator

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President Kelly at 9:18 a.m.

II. Introduction - Michael P. Kelly, President of the University of Alaska Board of Regents and Senator Gary Wilken, Alaska State Legislature

Board President Kelly and Senator Wilken introduced board members and legislators present.

III. Report from President Jerome Komisar on Executive Review of Cost Savings Potential

A. Administrative Organization

President Komisar reviewed work in progress by committees on administrative organization, extended campus organization, allocation of instructional resources and distance delivery. Legislators expressed concerns regarding confusion on whether the administrative savings proposal had been officially adopted by the Board; and concerns regarding details of the plan and how it could affect specific constituencies.

B. Extended Campuses

Chancellor Marshall Lind presented information compiled by the Extended Campuses Committee in preparation for recommendations to President Komisar regarding allocation of resources to the extended campuses.

IV. Deferred Maintenance Task Force - Senator Tim Kelly

Senator Kelly reported on the status of the Interim Task Force recommendations on deferred maintenance.

V. Other Items of Concern

It was agreed that another joint meeting of the Board of Regents and members of the Alaska Legislature be held during the Board's February 18-20, 1998 meeting in Juneau.

VI. Adjourn

President Kelly adjourned the meeting at 11:55 a.m.