University Projects

Carbon Credit Program

In December 2022, the UA Land team issued a public notice for comment on a carbon credit program on its landholdings throughout the state. Of the approximately 13,000 acres in the Chilkat Valley, 7,636 acres are included in the plan.

Timber Project

The University of Alaska Land Management team manages about 13,000 acres in the region. Originally, this timber project began in 2018 as a 10-year timber project with the intention of coordinating with other agencies. As you may be aware, the timber industry in Southeast Alaska has experienced serious disruptions — tariffs between the US and China, combined with Sealaska and the US Forest Service’s departure from old growth logging, all contributed to a shifting economic landscape in the region. As a result, the University is re-evaluating all of its land holdings in the Haines area which was presented to the University of Alaska Board of Regents during its committee meeting on November 4, 2021. 

As a land grant university, our primary role is to generate revenue from University lands to support our educational mission. Although the University remains committed to some timber development, we are looking at other development options to monetize University property.

We appreciate all of the feedback we have received from the community over the last few years. We have heard about your needs for firewood, requests for small timber cuts on your own land, interest in carbon sequestration, hunting and recreational needs, local biomass supplies, and desire to see logs supplied to Alaskan buyers and small mills, and much more. Please check out our FAQ page for more detail.

If there are other opportunities you may be interested in as the project evolves, please reach out, as always. 

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Hunting Permits

The University currently prohibits hunting and camping on all of its lands but, we’ve heard from you and we understand that this is an important issue to the community in Haines. The university is exploring the possibility of hunting on land west of the Chilkat River. Once we have an update, we will share more information as soon as possible.

Ripinski Trail

Haines Borough Assembly recently passed a resolution to support the Alaska Division of Forestry’s partnership with Haines Huts to apply for a Recreational Trails Program grant to acquire easements through Mental Health Trust and University lands for the Ripinski Trail. The Land Management team is currently working with the Division of Forestry and Haines Huts on the next steps for acquiring the public easement. We know this has been an important ask of the community and we are pleased to collaborate on this effort, especially with greater need for hiking during the ongoing pandemic.