What We Do & How We Can Help You

Land Management prudently oversees University of Alaska owned land which is approximately 149,797 acres of fee simple and surface rights located across Alaska.

12,166 acres are designated as educational property
  • Education Support
  • Campuses
  • Research Sites
137,631 acres are designated as investment property
  • To grow UA’s Land Grant Trust Endowment  




University lands can be permitted for a wide variety of uses with low risk and low impact to the land. Permits for UA Researchers' access and use can also be obtained for research purposes on land not owned by the University. All permitting is managed through Land Management offices.



Land Management considers and evaluates offers to lease University real property on a regular basis and can meet customers' leasing needs, including but not limited to space leasing, natural resource extraction, utilities, and raw land for development. Projects can be dynamic and vary widely and Land Management will work to meet these needs by offering project-based leasing options.


Land Sales

Land Management's Mission is to support University of Alaska higher education through Land Grant Trust asset revenue generation. This revenue generation is the sale of University owned land through its land sale program. UA Board of Regents' policy requires that disposal of UA land be at or above Fair Market Value.

Resources / Materials

There are select University lands that best serve the Trust through its highest and best use of resource development. Current and potential resource development projects for the University can include but are not limited to oil and gas leasing, mining claims, material sales, renewable energy, and timber harvest. Land Management is always looking for new opportunities to support and collaborate with agencies and private entities to develop our assets to generate the best value of the University's resources.

Land Grant Endowment Trust Fund (Fund)

Land Management is responsible for the stewardship of the Fund by converting its trust land assets into financial assets for the benefit of the University's mission. The net revenues from sales, leases, developments, and other income generated are deposited into the Fund.