Mission & Goals

Land Management’s primary role is to generate revenue from the University’s real property and to prudently manage its grant land to support the university’s educational mission by responsibly developing its land and managing educational land consistent with campus goals and objectives.

Land Management provides development activities that support local jobs in Alaska and help to fund the UA Scholars Program directly benefiting students. We provide the technical real estate support for the University’s Land Grant education and research mission by providing all real property management. We are dedicated to responsible development of all UA lands for their highest and best value.

How Land Management contributes to the

Land Management partners with public and private entities to enhance opportunities and generate revenue. In addition, increased development in and around Alaska communities through property sales, leases, mining exploration, mitigation potential, oil and gas exploration, renewable energy, timber sales, and other resource development activities provide jobs and improve economic opportunities for all Alaskans, while adding revenue to the Land Grant Endowment Trust Fund.

Land Management contributes to Alaska's workforce through a variety of development activities.

Each year Land Management processes hundreds of land use authorizations for the University of Alaska personnel to access public and private lands for educational purposes. The University leads the world in Arctic research and is a leader in climate research, atmospheric and biological science, geophysics, cold climate engineering, and natural resources.

Land Management generates revenue to provide funds for the UA Scholars Program, which directly supports faculty and students. The scholarships and support help improve enrollment, student retention, graduation rates, and increases degree attainment. Over 9,000 Alaska students have benefited from the UA Scholars Program.

Land Management continues to evaluate processes to improve efficiency and leverage limited resources. We work to expand opportunities and outreach to agencies and corporations with common development goals to collaborate and help reduce administrative and operating costs.