Study Materials

To assist the Delegates in their day-to-day work of formulating constitutional provisions, the Alaska Statehood Committee has had prepared or has assembled a wide selection of pertinent study and reference materials. These materials will be placed at a convenient location at the Convention site. The materials are intended for the individual use of Delegates, for committee use, and for the conduct of such on the spot research as the Delegates may request of the technical staff.

1. Staff Papers prepared by Public Administration Service.
Under the auspices of the Alaska Statehood Committee, Public Administrative Service has prepared a series of papers on major constitutional problems and issues for the delegates. These papers, most of which were circulated to the Delegates prior to the Convention, and all of which are available to the Delegates in three volumes, summarize the experience and practice of other jurisdictions, indicate recent constitutional trends, and point out significant constitutional considerations for the Delegates. These papers are as follows:

Volume 1
Staff Paper I -- The State Constitution Within the American Political System
Staff Paper II -- Civil Rights and Liberties
Staff Paper III -- The Alaskan Constitution and the State Patrimony (Natural Resources)
Staff Paper IV -- Suffrage and Elections

Volume 2
Staff Paper V -- The Legislative Department
Staff Paper VI -- The Executive Department
Staff Paper VII -- The Judicial Department

Volume 3
Staff Paper VIII -- The Constitution and Local Government
Staff Paper IX -- State Finance
Staff Paper X -- Legislative Structure and Apportionment
Staff Paper XI -- Constitutional Amendment and Revision
Staff Paper XII -- Initiative, Referendum, and Recall

2. Constitutions.
Several copies of the United States Constitution, and of all state constitutions, as well as those of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the Territory of Hawaii are available.

3. Documentary Material.
Books, pamphlets, monographs, tables, and materials in other forms are catalogued and available on all of the subjects listed above to permit more detailed study of the citations made in the Staff Papers or to be used for independent inquiry.

4. Illustrative Material.
This material covers the experience and practices of other constitutional conventions, notably those of Hawaii and New Jersey.

5. U.S. Enabling Legislative Proposals and Territorial Enactments pertaining to the Convention.
Several copies are available.

6. Miscellaneous Materials.
Maps, dictionaries, tabulations, and other reference items are also on hand.

Some of the materials listed above have been made available through the courtesy of the University of Alaska Library, the Legislative Council, the Economist on the Staff of the Governor, and other Territorial agencies, and the Territorial Librarian has assisted in the cataloguing of the materials.

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