Administrative Staff

Although the Alaska Statehood Committee has made arrangements for some temporary administrative staff to be available at the opening of the Constitutional Convention, the Convention itself through assigning responsibility for engaging staff in the Convention rules, or otherwise, must arrange for the permanent administrative staff.

The following list of the administrative staff used by the Hawaii Constitutional Convention is provided for the information of the Delegates at College:

Chief Clerk

1 Supply Clerk

Assistant Clerk

4 Proof Readers

Staff Supervisor

Tape Recording Clerk

Assistant Supervisor

Assistant Recording Clerk

9 Secretaries

Machine operators,

4 Clerks

messengers, and others

(This staff is in addition to the Secretary, Sergeant at Arms, and other convention officers.) It is unlikely that a staff as large as that listed above will be needed at the outset of the Convention at College.

Technical Staff

Constitution drafting is a highly technical process, and the virtues of having a technical or consulting staff available have been proved in every recent constitutional convention. The Alaska State hood Committee has arranged with Public Administration Service, the organization which prepared the Staff Papers for the Convention, to have at least one representative present throughout the Convention. In addition, the Statehood Committee has contacted a number of outstanding persons throughout the United States to determine their availability to serve briefly as technical aids to the Convention, and arrangements can probably be made with the University of Alaska, the Governor's office and the Legislative Council for some technical assistance.

In Hawaii, the Constitutional Convention by resolution recognized the preparatory work accomplished by the Legislative Reference Bureau of the University of Hawaii and designated it to provide technical assistance to the Convention. The coordination of technical services by the Bureau proved invaluable. The Alaska Statehood Committee similarly offers its facilities to the Convention at College.

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