9th Grade - Postcard Campaign

Research conducted in 2002 found that Alaskan students were less likely to begin the college selection process prepared than their peers in the Lower 48, and that they go to college at a lower rate as well. The University responded to this challenge by sending 9th grade outreach pieces directly to the students' homes in 2003 and each year since.

In 2010, the theme is a ROAD TRIP. We open with a folder for packing important papers. Our research found that 9th grade students get excited about 'adventures' so we selected photos for each piece that show students on our campuses experiencing the adventure of college.

The folder and four postcards are mailed about every other week beginning in late September. Each piece drives students to the Get on TRACK website, which offers additional information and links to other sites, and gives the student the opportunity to request information about college.

Beginning in 2008, the UA College Savings Plan sponsored a Parent Companion Piece to address common questions parents might have about funding their child’s education.

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2010 Sample Postcard

2010 Sample Postcard (Click for Full Version)

2010 Parent Companion

2010 Parent Companion