7th Grade - You Can Do Anything Sticker Series

Most seventh graders may not be thinking seriously about whether or not they’ll go to college, or what they want to be when they grow up. But the fact of the matter is, this is the perfect time to get them engaged in that conversation. 

They will soon move on to high school, where they’ll need to make choices in which classes to take for college preparation. The attitudes and study habits they develop in middle school years are likely to have an influence on them for the rest of their academic careers. We wanted to start the conversation and get them understanding that they can do anything.

Our "You Can Do Anything" sticker set, sponsored by the UA College Savings Plan, encourages students to identify with the future, think about what academic subjects they love, understand reasons they might want to go on to college and just have fun mixing career avatars.

Begun in 2007, the original mailing - a Dream Big poster - was mailed to sixth grade students and classrooms each year. In 2010, the mailing was directed toward seventh graders because that is a transition year to middle school for many students.

The goal is to keep the conversation about life after high school going for parents and students.

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