9th Grade - Pocket Folder

Many students seen post-secondary education as an abstract concept and begin planning very late. Some who apply for baccalaureate programs, especially those in the sciences and engineering, are underprepared. Although they have met the requirements for graduation from high school and have a good grade point average, they don’t have adequate preparation for the degree program they wish to pursue in college.

UA wanted to do something to stress the importance of college-preparatory planning - changing the abstract idea of college into a tangible reality. The pieces we are sending to the homes of 9th graders are fun and colorful. Our fall campaign kicks off with a trapper folder - "It's a Keeper" - designed to remind students to hang onto important documents while giving them information about college preparation.

The folder is followed by a series of postcards that provide information about college in "bite sized" pieces.


K-12 Outreach