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UA Logo specifications (pdf)

Please contact Monique Musick in Public Affairs, (907) 450-8103, before using this logo.

Logo Use & Specifications Guide

UA Logo specifications (pdf)

The UA logo is used for visibility and positive recognition in today’s marketplace. The manner in which we present ourself will play a signifi cant role in the public’s impressions of our institution. The goal is to keep our communications simple, dignified and coordinated, for a positive and professional image. The excellence of our print, broadcast and electronic media is reflective of UA.

Each new design situation creates a new challenge. In a world where new communication vehicles and methods arise frequently, we must be flexible. This brief guide provides quick direction for the treatment of the UA logo in a variety of situations. 


The UA logo is specifically designed to identify the University of Alaska. This logo is composed of the representative icon, logotype and tagline. The new signature is exemplified by a modern globe with stylize lines creating Alaska’s geographical location as well as representing the latitudinal and longitudinal lines of the globe. The three stylized lines also form an “A” while referring to the three campuses which creates a statewide unit.

These guidelines specify how the logo and its colors are to be used to create a foundation for visual unity, impact and consistency when used in print, broadcast and electronic media.


Spot Pantone 647 should be used when printing spot colors and the process build should be used when using four color printing. If Pantone 647 is not one of the spot colors, the logo should be printed in black.

Use black ink when printing a one-color logo. If not using black ink, you may print this logo in the ink required, although it damages the consistency of the logo. If printing two or three spot colors, and one is not Pantone 647, use the black and white logo only.


Never recreate the logo. Do not substitute the font in the tagline or in University of Alaska. Adobe Garamond is the suggested typeface for body copy when creating a layout, although this is not the typeface used in the University of Alaska logo.

Never use the icon/box without "University of Alaska". You may use the box/icon as a textural element in your designs as long as the entire is used in the peice also.

University of Alaska is ultimately responsible for approving uses which do not follow the established guidelines. Such uses will be carefully and openly considered.

The basic goal is to meet the needs of the University of Alaska without doing damage to the consistency of the identity system.


  • Never replace the typeface either in the tagline or in the University of Alaska with your own.
  • Never change the layout of the logo to make it more horizontal.
  • Do not use the logo on a busy pattern or background that impairs its legibility.
  • Do not stretch any part of the logo at any time.
  • The format cannot be compromised: do not slant or rotate the logo in any way.


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