TASK Event Photos


Fred Reppun guided attendees through the He'eia National Estuary Research Reserve System, including a tour through the Coral Reef Ecology Lab where technician (pictured) Taylor Engle demonstrated how coral are rapidly grown in a lab.  Photo: Zoom screen capture.



Kanaloa Bishop led a virtual tour of Paepae o He’eia, which is a private non-profit organization dedicated to caring for He’eia Fishpond – an ancient Hawaiian fishpond located in He’eia, Ko’olaupoko, O’ahu. Pictured on the left is co-founder Keli’i Kotubetey, Assistant Executive Director of Paepae o He'eia. Photo: Zoom screen capture.


Mark Heckman provdied more information about the Coral Reef Ecology Lab and their efforts.  Pictured is some of the healthy reefs they've been cultivating.  Photo: Zoom screen capture.


rick thoman

Rick Thoman of the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment  and Policy at UAF gave a presentation about the changing Arctic climate. Photo: Zoom screen capture.


Rick Thoman answered teachers' questions at the virtual workshop. Photo: Zoom screen capture.


bill tweet

Bill Tweet, an Alaska aviation historian in Nome, presented on the history of flying in Alaska .  Photo: Zoom screen capture.


Kapono Ciotti led participating teachers in curriculum tips for the drone workshop. Photo: Zoom screen capture.



Kapono Ciotti, originally from Hawai'i,  is an international trainer and professional development coach, teacher, and a culture and place-based curriculum writer, focusing on culturally appropriate pedagogy. He is currently based in Cairo, Egypt. Photo: Zoom screen capture.

teachers fly drones

TASK Hawai’i teachers gather for a virtual drone workshop to collaborate with their Nome partners and share arial views of landscapes, vegetation patterns and habitats. Photo: Nānākuli-Wai’anae Complex Area teachers. Photo: Zoom screen capture.


drone above

Hawai’i teachers operate a drone during their virtual workshop. Photo: Nānākuli-Wai’anae Complex Area teachers. Photo: Zoom screen capture.

drone capture

Teachers operating the drone fly it about to attempt to provide more visuals of their area for their Nome partners. Photo: Zoom screen capture.




Whittier tunnel

Teachers & Staff walk the tunnel hallway that connects the school to the greater building in Whittier. Photo: Keiko Herrick.



On bus

Hawai'ian teachers & Staff on the bus bound for Whittier, via Turnagain Arm. Photo: Keiko Herrick.


On Turnagain

Everyone poses on a pullout after visiting Whittier. Photo: Keiko Herrick.


Turnagain pose

The visiting teachers & staff had an opportunity to check out Potter's Marsh. Photo: Keiko Herrick.

 Dr. Amarok

Dr. Barb Amarok is the Director of the Northwest Campus in Nome and she presented to the group the importance learning the ways of Alaska Natives. Photo: Putt Clark.



 Nick and Reid

Reid Yokote and Nick "Eskimo Ninja" Hanson compete in the traditional ear pull contest. Photo: Putt Clark.

Nick dances with group

Nick dances with Culture Club, the Nome High School dance troupe. Photo: Putt Clark.



 Teachers practice

Reid Yokote works with a group of Nome teachers on Hawai'ian dance. Photo: Putt Clark.

 Nick presents

Nick Hanson talks teachers through the traditional ear pull game. Photo: Putt Clark.



 Roy presents

Roy Ashenfelter displays his parka made by his wife from the furs he trapped and hunted. Photo: Putt Clark.


Brenda works with teachers

Brenda Duty hands out ecosystem cards to teachers for collaborative game. Photo: Keiko Herrick.



teachers collaborate making maps

Teachers collaborate on a mapping project in Nome. Photo: Putt Clark.

Muskox on Anvil Mt.

Mukoxen lay about on the hillside of Anvil Mountain. Photo: Putt Clark.


White Alice

The White Alice Towers sit sentinel, and derelict, on Anvil Mountain. Photo: Putt Clark.

Reid hula dancing

Reid Yokote shares a traditional hula dance with the group. Photo: Putt Clark.


 TASK Group

TASK teachers & Staff pose together on the top of Anvil Mountain, behind Nome. Photo: Putt Clark.



University of Hawai'i in Kapolei, West Oahu. K-12 Outreach will be working closely with staff at U of H.  Photo: Sam Norlin.


Banyan Tree

This Banyan tree is a relatively young tree. Older, larger ones spread their root system making their "trunk" appear massive in circumference.  Photo: Putt Clark

Fish in Harbor

Tropical fish swim lazily in the warm water of a Honolulu harbor. Photo: Putt Clark


Mary Jo & Putt

K-12 Staff pose with Teresa Janowski, Key Note Speaker at the U of H STEM/STEAM & Education Conference. 

TASK Planning Meeting

K-12 Outreach staff, Hawai'i counterparts met in February to plan and organize. Photo: Sam Norlin.



Natural vegetaion in the Kapolei area,  West Oahu.  Photo: Sam Norlin.