TASK Photos

Images from early organizing of TASK, in Hawai'i

TASK Planning MeetingK-12 Outreach staff, Hawai'i counterparts met in February to plan and organize. Photo: Sam Norlin.

Kapolei_WestOahuNatural vegetaion in the Kapolei area,  West Oahu.  Photo: Sam Norlin.

UofHUniversity of Hawai'i in Kapolei, West Oahu. K-12 Outreach will be working closely with staff at U of H.  Photo: Sam Norlin.

Banyan Tree

This Banyan tree is a relatively young tree. Older, larger ones spread their root system making their "trunk" appear massive in circumference.  Photo: Putt Clark.

Fish in Harbor

Tropical fish swim lazily in the warm water of a Honolulu harbor. Photo: Putt Clark.


Mary Jo & Putt

K-12 Staff pose with Teresa Janowski, Key Note Speaker at the U of H STEM/STEAM & Education Conference.