Alaska Statewide Mentor Project Photos

2023-24 Mentors

Mentors, Administration and Staff gather for Fall 2023 Start-Up on the UAF campus.

Front row (left to right)): Liz Will, Sarah Ellis, Donna Levesque, Dawn Wilcox, Gretchen Matiatos
Second row:
Fawn Jelinek, Lynn Mayberry-Burke, Angela Pirtle, Abby Augustine, Liane Ryan, Keiko Herrick
Third row:
Glenday Findlay, Cheryl Childers, Lesa Meath, Sharon Attla, Marcy Farris, Lynn Weckesser
Fourth row:
Mikolas Bekeris, Marie Russell, Jan Littlebear, Pat McDonald, Anna Caladera, Mike Kernin, Hal Neace, Sue McIntosh, Sean Rover

Bethel teacher Akiachak school hunting program
Mentor Cheryl Childers snapped this photo of Miss Rosalie leading a small group activity at Gladys Jung in Bethel. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Akiachak student first moose catch of the Akiachak School hunting program. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
anti bullying
Miss India with student
Miss India and Miss Shayle team up to do a mini SEL lesson centered around dealing with bullying. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Miss India works with a 2nd grader in her classroom in Nunapitchuk. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Miss Marissa and Miss Rose
Miss Rosalie
Miss Marissa 4th grade ECT mentor Cheryl and Miss Rose 3rd grade ECT stand together for a start of the year photo. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Miss Rosalie teaches a math lesson using base 10 blocks and other manipulatives. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Miss Shayle and students
No space - in hallway
Miss Shayle works witha group of 1st - 2nd graders during center time. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
When no classroom space available Miss India makes do with the hallway to work small groups of students. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
1st day expectations
Mr. Jack and Mr. Henry lead meeting
Mr Jack shares some first day expectations while Mr Henry looks on. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Mr. Jack and Mr. Henry lead a morning meeting with their 2nd graders. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Greeting students Mx. Kaedy leads reading activity
Mr. Jack teacher and Mr. Henry, future teacher, greet their 2nd graders on the first day of school in Akiachak. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Mx. Kaedy leads a close reading activity with their high school students in Nunapitchuk. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Deering 1st grade class
Hal and students
Deering 1st grade class and their early career teacher, Patricia Houser.  Photo: Hal Neace.
Deering 1st grade class pose with Hal Neace.  Photo: Patricia Houser.
Deering road
Flying into Deering
Deering 1st grade teacher Patricia Houser walks up the school ramp with the ocean backdrop behind her.  Photo: Hal Neace. Flying into Deering on one of the small carriers in the late fall/early winter.  Photo: Hal Neace.
Hal's quarters
Utqiagvik ect
Mentors often must set up sleeping quarters in local schools for the night or two they're in a community.  Photo: Hal Neace. Hal and Utqiagvik ECT pose for a photo.  Photo: Hal Neace.
shaving cream play
shaving cream exercise


marie pat trust spin marie pat trust spin 2
Mentors form a circle around two mentors in the middle who had to spin while holding hands with another, in this trust exercies.  Photo: Keiko Herrick. Mentors Marie Russell and Pat McDonald team up to spin circles.  Photo: Keiko Herrick.

mentors staff gather in circle

Mentors and staff take turns in a circle exercise.  Photo: Keiko Herrick.

keiko pat show bracelents
Utqiagvik 1st grade class use shaving cream on their desks to write words.  Photo: Hal Neace. ASMP Lead Researcher Keiko Herrick and mentor Pat McDonald proudly sport their Maker Space bracelets.  Photo: K-12 Staff.
mike leane and gretchen pat and lesa
Mike Kernin, Liane Ryan and Gretchen Matiatos work studiously on their bracelets.  Photo: Keiko Herrick. Pat McDonald makes rounds after finishing her bracelet, stopping to chat with Lesa.  Photo: Keiko Herrick
pat-lesa-sean Sharon and Leane
Mentors Pat and Lisa and ASMP Staff, Sean Rover work on the Maker Space bracelets that Ed Sotelo currated the activity for.  Photo: Keiko Herrick Sharon Attla and Liane Ryan compare their handiwork.  Photo: Keiko Herrick
mentor circle
mike kernin
Mentors listen intently to each other share while in their circle.  Photo: Keiko Herrick Mentor Mike Kernin adds to his story with some gestures.  Photo: Keiko Herrick
hal and lisa
deering sunset
Hal Neace had a good chat with Senator Lisa Murkowski while they both were in Homer, recently.  Photo: Hal Neace
Sunsrise in Deering. Photo: Hal Neace

caleb-cali-cheryl-jack Ryan and all
Caleb and Cali Taylor (left) stand next to Mentor Cheryl Childers, with Jack Ackerman. Photo: Cheryl Childers. RyanTefft, India Knight, cheryl, Shayle Allen, and Kaedy Masters. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Kat Kat
Kat Deem is an ECT in Bethel. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla. Kat is standing next to a working wall, where she's prompting her students to think critically. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla.
Emma Emma
Emma Freestone is in her first year of teaching in Tuluksak. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla. Emma Freestone chats with one of her students. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla.
Rose Braxtyn
Minto ECT, Rose Wolfe, works with her high school class. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla. Braxtyn Gerald, a high school teacher at Nenana High School, stands before her classroom. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla.
Cullen Cullen
Cullen Chandler is a first year teacher in Tuluksak. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla. Cullen leads a high school math lesson in his Tuluksak classroom. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla.
jack and henry house fire
Jack Ackerman and Teaching Assistant Henry Kanulie pose in front of their 2nd Grade classroom in Akiachak. Henry has started his coursework to become a teacher. Photo: Cheryl Childers. People rush to a house fire in Akiachak, to assist with extinguishing it. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
House fire House fire
Water hoses were used in addition to extinguishers to put out a house fire in Akiachak, at the end of October. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Akiachak residents and teachers helped to extinguish the flames with extinguishers from all over the village. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
mathew taylor Cali Taylor
Mathew Taylor, a 1st year teacher in Akiachack, goes over a science lesson with his high school students. Photo: Cheryl Childers Cali Taylor, a 1st year teacher in Akiachak, works with her 1st grade class. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Arthur Taylor Athos Spinola
Arthur Taylor, a 2nd year ECT in Akiachak, meets with his mentor, Cheryl, on Halloween. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Athos Spinola, a 2nd year ECT in Akiachak, works with his 3rd grade class. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
India Knight India Knight
India Knight, a 1st year teacher in Nunapitchuk leads a 3rd grade science lesson in motion and speed. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Ms. Knight's 3rd graders get a brain break with a ball game. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Kaedy Kathleen
Kaedy Masters, a 1st year ECT in Nunapitchuk, teaches a lesson in her high school level class. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Mentor Cheryl visits 1st year ECT, Rosalie Schiedler (born and raised in the Philippines) and 2nd year ECT, Kathleen 'Lit' Naneng (born and raised in Bethel), at Gladys Jung Elementary in Bethel. Both ECTs are teaching 3rd grade. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
LitNaneg Michelle
Miss Lit looks over a student's volcano art project after the class read and learned about this 'hot' topic. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Michelle Fedran teaching 5 years in Tununak (2021). Had a mentors for two years. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Rose Ryan
Miss Rose, as the students call her, records student responses at the white board for their English lesson on common and proper nouns. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Mr. Ryan Teft, 2nd year ECT, leads HS students in an Algebra 1 lesson about solving absolute value equations.. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Shayle Shayle
Shayle Allen, 1st year teacher in Nunapitchuk. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Ms. Allen works with her Nunapitchuk students on "CalendarHelp".  Photo: Cheryl Childers.
TJ Breakfast
TJ is a 2nd year teacher. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Mentors need to find healthy meals while traveling! Photo: Cheryl Childers.
ECT snowmachine ride to bethel
Hal Neace's Eek School ECTs in LKSD,  Brittany Smith and Hannah Shovlin are both first-year educators.  They were supposed to fly out of Eek in December, but  flights were canceled. The school maintenance man took them by snowmachine to Bethel (a 2 hour ride) to catch the evening jet, where they managed to catch their flights for the holidays. Photo: Hal Neace.

Cathy McIntyre

Cathy McIntyre is a 1st year teacher in the dual language program in Tuntutuliak. Cathy is teaching Yugtun reading, writing and science for the 2nd and 3rd. grade. She is a graduate of UAF and is teaching in her home village.  Photo: Cheryl Childers.

Margaret Baca

Margaret Baca, a 1st year teacher in Tanana. Two puppies follow her to school from time to time and stay in her classroom until someone can bring them home. Photo: Sharon Attla


Tamara Trefron

Tamara Trefon is a 1st year teacher at Ayaprun Elitnaurvik School in Bethel which is a Yup'ik Immersion school. She teaches the entire Yugtun curriculum. Photo: Cheryl Childers.

     Arctic Ocean Near Utqiagvik

Arctic Ocean near Utqiagvik (Barrow).  Photo: Hal Neace.

    Arctic Sunrise

Arctic sunrise near Utqiagvik. Photo: Hal Neace.

Hal and Shaun 

Mentor Hal Neace and his ECT in Utqiagvik, Shaun Cramsey.  

    Barrow High Football

Barrow High Football team plays a visiting team.  Photo: Hal Neace.

   Barrow Directional Sign 

Barrow/Utqiagvik directional sign.  Photo: Hal Neace.

    Barrow Whaling boats

Whaling boats scatter the beach in Barrow/Utqiagvik.  Photo: Hal Neace.

     Sunset in Pt. Hope

Looking southeast in September on the beach in Pt. Hope.  Photo: Hal Neace.

    Caribou Hides

Caribou hides dry on the railing of a building in Pt. Hope. Photo: Hal Neace.

2nd grader sews

A 2nd Grader sews mittens in cultural knowledge studies.  Photo: Hal Neace.

Hal and ECT
Hal with his ECT, Frieda Grierson in Pt. Lay.

completed mits

Pt. Lay student with her completed mittens.  Photo: Hal Neace.

Pt Lay student

Another student displays her completed mittens.  Photo: Hal Neace.


Hal Utgiagvik photo 

Mentor Hal Neace is surrounded by 5th grade students in an Utqiaġvik
5th grade classroom.



Linda photo

Linda Frey took this photo of a plane she flew on to one of
her many site visits.


Sandi and Erin

Sandi Immel-Boyd with Early Career Teacher, Erin Charles, flying on a helicopter.

    Carol and Lottie

 Bethel teacher Loddie Ayaprun Jones stands
with her friend, Mentor Carol Jerue.