Mariculture Working Group

The Mariculture Working Group identifes challenges and barriers in the areas of investment, regulations, research and development, coordination and leadership, workforce needs, marketing and public education. Mariculture development will bolster the economy of our state, in particular the coastal communities where much of the seafood infrastructure and experience already exist.


  • Ginny Eckert, UAF Alaska Sea Grant Director
  • Melissa Good, UAF Alaska Sea Grant Faculty
  • Angela Bowers, UAS Sitka Faculty
  • Teri Cothren, UA Workforce Development Associate Vice President
  • Sara Fisher-Goad, UAF Research, Executive Director of Operations
  • Amanda Glazier, UAA Prince William Sound College Faculty
  • Arron Jones, UAF Alaska Sea Grant Faculty
  • Juliana Leggitt, Southeast Conference Coordinator
  • Adam Low, UAF Upward Bound Director
  • Mari Selle, Alaska Safety Alliance, Maritime Works Director
  • Tommy Sheridan, Alaska Blue Economy Center



AK Mariculture WD Plan