FSMI Partners

Alaska Ocean Cluster Initiative 

Alaska Ocean Cluster Initiative promotes and grows Alaska‚Äôs ocean economy by leveraging existing strengths while supporting innovation and emerging opportunities to diversify our economy, for the benefit of Alaskans. 

Alaska Research Consortium

The Alaska Research Consortium (ARC) advocates for fisheries and marine science in the North Pacific, acting as a positive catalyst and building partnerships and collaboration to provide workforce development training, technical assistance to businesses, and applied research to support Alaska's seafood into the next generation.  

Maritime Works 

Maritime Works is a network of committed individuals, groups, and businesses working to strengthen and advance maritime workforce development. Housed under the umbrella of the Alaska Safety Alliance, Maritime Works maintains a website of maritime career information and collaborates with other groups on various maritime initiatives.    

Southeast Conference

Southeast Conference was formed over 50 years ago to promote the formation of what eventually became the Alaska Marine Highway System. Southeast Conference is now the federally designated Economic Development District and the state designated Alaska Regional Development Organization for the region. 

Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference 

Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference (SWAMC) is a non-profit regional economic development organization for Southwest Alaska, serving the three subregions of the Aleutian/Pribilofs, Bristol Bay, and Kodiak. It is also the federally designated Economic Development District for the region.