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  2021-22 Collegiate Officer, Ashley Yoder
Introducing 2021-2022 EdRising Alaska Collegiate Student Officer and Elementary Education Major at UAF Ashley Yoder. Ashley stated, "Educators Rising is a great way to become more motivated as an individual. Opportunities like these allow for people of similar interests and passions to find each other and provide support so that growth can happen. It creates connections that help further ideas and makes things happen.


  2021-2022 Student Officer Torrey McClain

Torrey McClain

Please welcome 2021-2022 EdRising Alaska State Officer Torrey McClain from Palmer High School.
We look forward to learning more about your future goals and input for this year's Student Leadership Conference.



Are you interested in becoming a Student Officer?

Applications for Student Officer positions will be open in late March 2022. 

Our mission is to have 5 officers, each representing their region of the state. Why become a state officer? You'll learn leadership skills, have opportunities to meet with national officers, and hone your professional development.