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LIVE Broadcasts from the 2023-24 Educators Rising Alaska Student Leadership Conference:

Opening Ceremonies, February 22, 2024

Closing Ceremonies, February 23, 2024


2023 State Conference Competition Placements

placements placments
placements placements



One of our own Alaska Student Officers has been elected one of four National Officers for the 2022-23 school year! Congratulations, Torrey McClain on your success and all of your efforts. We are honored to have you as part of Educators Rising Alaska and to have you represent the first ever National Officer from Alaska!

torrey and national officers

Torrey McClain (right) is pictured here with fellow 2022-23 and the 2021-22 national officers.

18 Alaska Students Placed at Nationals!
We are so impressed with our Alaska students and their Teacher Leaders. Thank you to all for putting so much energy into your participation. We had a relatively small representation at Nationals, yet managed to have a large representation in the top ten, with numerous students placing in the 1st-3rd places in their competitions! The conference was held June 24-27th in Washington, D.C.

Below is a comprehensive list of all who placed or were semi-finalists:

Exploring Support Services Careers Semi-Finalists - Varsity
 •  Amethyst Iris Childress - Palmer HS
 •  Kaitlynn Gist - Kenai Central HS

Impromptu Speaking Semi-Finalists - Varsity
 •  Aurora Greenstreet - Homer HS

Children's Lit. Pre-K Semi-Finalists - JV
 •  Mercy Hailey - Joe Redington Sr. Jr/Sr HS
 •  Ellen Redington - Joe Redington Sr. HS

Children's Literature K-3 - JV
 •  1st Place: Sophia Micciche - Kenai Central HS

 Semi-Finalist - JV
 •  Sahara Thomas - Joe Redington Sr. HS

Children's Literature K-3 - Varsity
 •  1st Place: Delaney Reavis - Joe Redington Sr. HS

Creative Lecture Semi-finalists - JV
 •  Keely Johnson - Unalakleet School

Creative Lecture - Varsity
 •  2nd Place: Caprice Damon - Joe Redington Sr. HS
 •  3rd Place: Madison Adams - Palmer HS


Lesson Plan. & Delivery Humanities Semi-Finalists - JV
 •  Anné Cecilia Bura Bison - Wales Kingikmiut School

Lesson Planning & Delivery - Arts WINNERS - JV
 • 2nd Place: Ashlynn Green, Colony HS
 • 3rd Place: Freda Jacqueline Tom, Stebbins

Lesson Planning & Delivery - STEM Semi-Finalists -JV
 •  Ty Kosbruk - Perryville HS
 •  Kaitlyn Johnson - Nome-Beltz HS

Lesson Planning & Delivery - STEM Semi-Finalists - Varsity
 •  Breezely Snow - Palmer HS

Public Speaking WINNERS - JV
 •  3rd Place: Blaine Stevon Duero Paje - Stebbins
 Semi-Finalists - JV
 •  Naomi Marian Grace Oxereok - Wales

Public Speaking - Varsity - WINNERS
 •  3rd Place: Donnie Arnone - Joe Redington Sr. HS 

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Students competed under nine different categories, all accomplished virtually! Students and teacher leaders worked hard for this moment, and we congratulate all.

Door prizes and Kahoot! games filled the time when we weren't hearing from some of our State's foremost education leaders, including the 2021-22 Teacher of the Year, Kelly Shrein. Other leading speakers included Alaska Commissioner of Education, Michael Johnson and UAA Chancellor Sean Parnell.

We also had the privilege of hearing from Marcella, of the Lepquinm Gumilgit Gagoadim Tsimshian dancers, and watching some of their dances.

A UAS Education and Advisory panel provided valuable information for students who go on to enroll in the education programs.

Finally, there was an awards ceremony to recognize those who placed in the various competitions.

Below is a photo-montage video of all of the photos from the Alaska Photobooth this year.



Christel Mozalevskiy's students question their meta-photo
Christel Mozalevskiy's students question their meta-photo
Sisa Paje's students gather for a group photo
Sisa Paje's students gather for a group photo
Educators Rising Staff pose in the hallway for a photo
Educators Rising Staff pose in the hallway for a photo

Watch the entire Conference on Vimeo

Alaska Students were amazing at Competitions! Below is a comprehensive list of all who placed:

1st place Inside Our Schools: Aryana Ivanoff and Mary Arca (Unalakleet)

Top 10 semifinalists Children's Literature k-3 (the most popular, competitive event at nationals):
  • Lillian Nichols (Palmer)
    Sophia Micchiche (Soldotna)
  • 2nd place Children's Literature K-3: Sophia Dick (Palmer)
4th place Creative Lecture: Caprice Damon (Wasilla)
Top 10 Semifinalist Lesson Planning Humanities:
  • Payton Gandee (Shaktoolik)
2nd place Lesson Planning Humanities: Connor Weaver (Palmer)

1st place Lesson Planning Humanities: Ashley Dahlman (Connections)

3rd place Lesson Planning STEM JV: Torrey McClain (Palmer)
Top 10 semifinalist Lesson Planning STEM Varsity:
  • Elijah Atkins (Kotzebue)
3rd place Lesson Planning STEM Varsity: Kaitlynn Gist (Kenai)

2nd place Public Speaking: Donnie Arnone (Wasilla)

Christel class

Christel Mozalevskiy and two of her students stand by a classroom window during a break in the virtual National Conference.