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  18 Alaska Students Placed at Nationals!
We are so impressed with our Alaska students and their Teacher Leaders. Thank you to all for putting so much energy into your participation. We had a relatively small representation at Nationals, yet managed to have a large representation in the top ten, with numerous students placing in the 1st-3rd places in their competitions! The conference was held June 24-27th in Washington, D.C.

Below is a comprehensive list of all who placed or were semi-finalists:

Exploring Support Swervices Careers Semi-Finalists - Varsity
 •  Amethyst Iris Childress - Palmer HS
 •  Kaitlynn Gist - Kenai Central HS

Impromptu Speaking Semi-Finalists - Varsity
 •  Aurora Greenstreet - Homer HS

Children's Lit. Pre-K Semi-Finalists - JV
 •  Mercy Hailey - Joe Redington Sr. Jr/Sr HS
 •  Ellen Redington - Joe Redington Sr. HS

Children's Literature K-3 - JV
 •  1st Place: Sophia Micciche - Kenai Central HS

 Semi-Finalist - JV:
 •  Sahara Thomas - Joe Redington Sr. HS

Children's Literature K-3 - Varsity
 •  1st Place: Delaney Reavis - Joe Redington Sr. HS

Creative Lecture Semi-finalists - JV
 •  Keely Johnson - Unalakleet School

Creative Lecture - Varsity
 •  2nd Place: Caprice Damon - Joe Redington Sr. HS
 •  3rd Place: Madison Adams - Palmer HS

Lesson Plan. & Delivery Humanities Semi-Finalists - JV
 •  Anné Cecilia Bura Bison - Wales Kingikmiut School

Lesson Planning & Delivery - Arts WINNERS - JV
 • 2nd Place: Ashlynn Green, Colony HS
 • 3rd Place: Freda Jacqueline Tom, Stebbins

Lesson Planning & Delivery - STEM Semi-Finalists -JV
 •  Ty Kosbruk - Perryville HS
 •  Kaitlyn Johnson - Nome-Beltz HS

Lesson Planning & Delivery - STEM Semi-Finalists - Varsity
 •  Breezely Snow - Palmer HS

Public Speaking WINNERS - JV
 •  3rd Place: Blaine Stevon Duero Paje - Stebbins
 Semi-Finalists - JV
 •  Naomi Marian Grace Oxereok - Wales

Public Speaking - Varsity - WINNERS
 •  3rd Place: Donnie Arnone - Joe Redington Sr. HS


One of our own Alaska Student Officers has been elected one of four National Officers for the 2022-23 school year!

Congratulations, Torrey McClain on your success and all of your efforts. We are honored to have you as part of Educators Rising Alaska and to have you represent the first ever National Officer from Alaska!



Students competed under nine different categories, all accomplished virtually! Students and teacher leaders worked hard for this moment, and we congratulate all.

Door prizes and Kahoot! games filled the time when we weren't hearing from some of our State's foremost education leaders, including the 2021-22 Teacher of the Year, Kelly Shrein. Other leading speakers included Alaska Commissioner of Education, Michael Johnson and UAA Chancellor Sean Parnell.

We also had the privilege of hearing from Marcella, of the Lepquinm Gumilgit Gagoadim Tsimshian dancers, and watching some of their dances.

A UAS Education and Advisory panel provided valuable information for students who go on to enroll in the education programs.

Finally, there was an awards ceremony to recognize those who placed in the various competitions.

Below is a photo-montage video of all of the photos from the Alaska Photobooth this year.



Christel Mozalevskiy's students question their meta-photo
Christel Mozalevskiy's students question their meta-photo
Sisa Paje's students gather for a group photo
Sisa Paje's students gather for a group photo
Educators Rising Staff pose in the hallway for a photo
Educators Rising Staff pose in the hallway for a photo



Alaska Students were amazing at Competitions! Below is a comprehensive list of all who placed:

1st place Inside Our Schools: Aryana Ivanoff and Mary Arca (Unalakleet)

Top 10 semifinalists Children's Literature k-3 (the most popular, competitive event at nationals):
  • Lillian Nichols (Palmer)
    Sophia Micchiche (Soldotna)
  • 2nd place Children's Literature K-3: Sophia Dick (Palmer)
4th place Creative Lecture: Caprice Damon (Wasilla)
Top 10 Semifinalist Lesson Planning Humanities:
  • Payton Gandee (Shaktoolik)
2nd place Lesson Planning Humanities: Connor Weaver (Palmer)

1st place Lesson Planning Humanities: Ashley Dahlman (Connections)

3rd place Lesson Planning STEM JV: Torrey McClain (Palmer)
Top 10 semifinalist Lesson Planning STEM Varsity:
  • Elijah Atkins (Kotzebue)
3rd place Lesson Planning STEM Varsity: Kaitlynn Gist (Kenai)

2nd place Public Speaking: Donnie Arnone (Wasilla)

Christel class

Christel Mozalevskiy and two of her students stand by a classroom window during a break in the virtual National Conference.

March 2021 State Conference Photos & Events

ashley kaitlynn carl Barbara
Ashley Dahlman, Student Officer 2020-21 Kaitylynn Gist, Student Officer 2020-21 Carl Vent, Student Officer 2018-19, 2020-21 Barbara Wadlinger, Educators Rising Program Mangager.
EdRising Staff Christel EdRising staff Doreen
Barbara, Sean, Ashley, Putt and Glenda. Teacher Christel Mozalevskiy and class. EdRising Staff in hallway.
Doreen Hayward Zooming in from her house.
Coral & Chloe Doreen and Les student Christel feet
Coral and Chloe, Alaska Photobooth Company wizards. Doreen Hayward with her husband, Les and muskox. Christel Mozalevskiy student. Christel Mozalevskiy's XtraTuf's.
Group photo Christel Feet Emanuela

Teacher Giaana
Peterson and students in Unalakleet.

Christel Mozalevskiy and students play cards in the down-time. Mozalevskiy's class, in feet. Emanuela Pokryfki, Kenai Teacher Leader, poses with her favorite pet.
Student poses Nick Hanson Caprice Christel's class
Unalakleet student gives the peace sign. Eskimo Ninja, Nick Hanson takes a pic after his presentation. Mozalevskiy student takes a breather. Mozalevskiy classroom.
Christel's class Christel' class on stairs Student Christel's class
Mozalevskiy and students in their hoodies. Mozalevskiy and students in their school. Patty Woody student strikes a condiment pose! Mozalevskiy's class.
Emanuela Masked students student and dog


Emanuela Pokryfki and EdRising bear. Susan Brunner group selfie in a classroom. One student and her dog pose for the photobooth. Patty Woody student attending from her home.
students students student and ice cream student
Twins pose for the photo booth. Carla Swick's students ham it up. Ice cream in Ms. Swick's class. Ms. Mozalevskiy student sports his EdRising sweatshirt.
Christel's class student christel's class christel's student student
Mozalevskiy student poses with a boot. Mozalevskiy student behind her computer. Mozalevskiy student checks the microwave. Unalakleet student in school library.
Carla's students Unalakleet student Teacher Unalakleet Student
Carla Swick and students. Unalakleet student gives the thumbs up. Unalakleet advisor Giaana Peterson gives the thumbs up. Swick student shares a heart.
Future educator Students Caprice Caprice 2
Mozilevskiy student gives the thumbs up. Mozilevskiy students know how to advertise! Mozilevskiy student and her EdRising billboard. Mozilevskiy student  and EdRising closeup.
Student Feet Snacks! Students
Ms. Swick's student shows extra peace! Mozilevskiy student's feet photo-op! Mozilevskiy's class organized the EdRising snacks. Mozilevskiy students work the camera.
Students Caprice Student Students
Mozilevskiy students action photo. Mozilevskiy students vouch for EdRising! Mozilevskiy student and cannibal card. Unalakleet students, a map, and a pen!
Student Student Students Student
Unalakleet student strikes a quiet pose. Unalakleet student in front of a map of Alaska. Unalakleet students, a map, and peace signs! Mozilevskiy student shows her flower in a root beer.
Student Student Stuent Students dancing
Student finds using flouride to be great for teeth! Mozilevskiy student created a "booth-within-a-booth". A rare sight: a smile without a mask. Mozilevskiy students help us through the dance moves.
Teller students Unalakleet teacher Students Students
Teacher Leader Jonah Tandog (front left) with her Teller students. Teacher Leader Giaana Peterson, Unalakleet. Teacher Leader Carla Swick (middle) with her students. Carla Swick and her students.
Student on floor Students Students Unalakleet Unalakleet student
Mozilevskiy student takes a break in the down-time. Unalakleet students! Teller Teacher Leader Jonah Tandog (right), with student. Teller student leans in to anonymity.
Student Student    
Teller students know how to pose for a pic! Student and honorary EdRising student, pet rat.    

The 2020 State Leadership Conference was held on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus.


2020 Banquet



Speakers and students gather for a group photo at the end of the Opening Banquet for the 2020 State Leadership Conference. Photo: Vincent Mahoney.

Amanda Friendshuh, UAS student in the school of education and previous Educators Rising Alaska President, speaks to participating students. Photo: JR Ancheta.

Campus Tour

Bernard Aoto, a Student Ambassador at UAF, leads EdRising students on a campus tour. Photo: JR Ancheta.

Mat Su group

Officer's table

Previous years' Student Officers and Program Manager, Barb Wadlinger, host the recruiting table. Photo: Vincent Mahoney.


Ketchikan group
EdRising Alaska Student Officer Ashley Yoder, left, and her fellow Ketchikan companions at the Conference. Photo: JR Ancheta.

Nanook & Houston
The Nannook is surrounded by members from Houston JR/SR High and their advisor. Photo: JR Ancheta.

TOY Amy Gallaway

Amy Gallaway, a West Valley H.S. teacher and AK Teacher of the Year delivers her keynote address to the conference attendees. Photo: Vincent Mahoney.

Banquet Audience

The audience is in rapt attention listening to the speakers at the opening banquet. Photo: Vincent Mahoney.

Keith Champagne

Vice-Chanchellor of Student Affairs & Athletics, Keith Champagne, delivers a dynamic speach to the students. Photo: Vincent Mahoney.


The Pavva Iñupiaq Dancers presented at the end of the Opening Banquet, leading the audience in a group dance, Photo: Vincent Mahoney.

Anupma Prakash, Provost for UAF, is surrounded by EdRising students. Photo: Vincent Mahoney

The 2019 Alaska State Conference for Educators Rising Alaska was held in Juneau, on the University of Alaska Southeast campus. 



UAS Chancellor Richard Caulfield leads the opening speeches to the audience of students, advisers and staff.Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.


Ronalda Cadiente-Brown is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Alaska Native Programs and Director of PITAAS, and she spoke as well. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.

Joe Reddington students

Joe Reddington High School students and their advisers pose at the Opening. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.

Opening ceremony

Recognition of the different Educators Rising Chapters at the Opening. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.

Woosh.ji.een dancers & staff

Staff, Professors, Teachers and Leaders joined the Woosh.ji.een Dancers. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.

Children's Lit winners

Students, Staff, Teacher Leaders, Chaperones and Mentors mingle with Legislators and education advocates. Photo: Putt Clark.

Group Photo 2019

Students gather for a group photo. Photo: Putt Clark, K-12 Outreach Staff.


Creative Lecture winners

Creative Lecture finishers Zephaniah Hailey, Rim Khayata, Caprice Damon, Karrie Montero. Not pictured: Dohyun Kim. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.


Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning ARTS finishers Lexis Jasek, Grace Straughn, Connor Koppes, Molly Penn and JesCynthia David. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.

Public Speaking

The winners who tuned in remotely were shown their certificates via livestream, pictured is 1st place winner for Public Speaking, Joseph Gallahorn. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.

Public Speaking winners 2

Public Speaking finishers Matthew Young, LouAnn Niksik and Merceds Otten (Anna Joseph is in the next photo). Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.


Ronalda Brown

Ronalda Cadiente-Brown and Marilyn White (ASMP Mentor) discuss education at the Showcase. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito

Grier and student

Representative Grier Hopkins attended the event, shown here with one of the EdRising participants and her mother. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.


Jim Johnsen streaming in

University President Johnsen addressed the audience remotely. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.

Bart LeBon & office

Representative Bart LeBon attended the event, posing here with K-12 Outreach Research Specialist Keiko Herrick and ASMP Mentor Marilyn White. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.


Palmer HS students

The Palmer High chapter poses with awards, adviser and chaperones. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.

Richard Catahay & Toni McFadden

Toni McFadden, Program Manager for ATP, speaks with Richard Catahay, Kake Superintendent. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.


Crowd at Showcase 2

K-12 Outreach provided hors d'oeuvres and beverages for the public. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.


Students in Capital building

Students in a hallway of the Capitol building. Photo: Putt Clark.


Weston Eiler

Students were also addressed by Weston Eiler, UA Governement Relations Coordinator, about how to relate with Legislators. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.


Lesson planning winners

Winners of the Lesson Planning STEM competition. Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.

 Willie Hensley

Willie Hensley was one of the guest speakers following the students' award ceremony. Photo: Putt Clark.

Anna and Caprice

Anna Joseph and Caprice Damon won 6th and 9th overall, respectively, in each of their competitions.

Group 2019
Group photo of students and advisers
at the 2019 conference. Not pictured: Molly Penn (Huslia) and Hailee Godfrey (Palmer).

Anna and Staff
Finalist Anna Joseph
stands with K-12 Outreach Director Glenda Findlay, AK EdRising Coach Kari Rasmussen, AK EdRising Staff Mary Jo Skaggs and AK EdRising Project Manager Barbara Wadlinger.

PD DevpEdrising Staff Mary Jo Skaggs and Barbara Wadlinger attended a professional development course in writing with the Kappan Magazine editor Dr. Rafael Heller.

BarbMaryJo PD

Mary Jo Skaggs and Barbara Wadlinger and other project leaders attended professional development with Dr. Albert Chen, COO of PDK International.

Ketchikan students
Ketchikan students Alyssa Howard, Jhasen Seludo and Ellie Carter in Dallas. Photo: Ellie Carter.

Northwest Arctic Borough School District
student Justin Kim, Teacher Leader Clayton Gindt and student Joseph Gallahorn at the conference.

St.Michael Group
St. Michael group:
Teacher Leader Alexis Greene, students Mercedes Otten, LouAnn Nikiski and chaperone Zepaniah Hailey.

Wasilla group

2018-19 Officers training

Officers, left to right:  Yareth Santana, Alyssa Howard,
Matthew Young and Carl Moses-Vent.  Photo: Putt Clark.


Officers in training  included a video conference with the
Educators Rising President.  Photo: Putt Clark.


Officers, left to right:  Yareth Santana, Alyssa Howard,
Matthew Young and Carl Moses-Vent.  Photo: Putt Clark.

Officers bowling

Officers, Advisers and Staff  went bowling to get to know one
another.  Photo: Putt Clark.

Edrising Robosts

Students participate  in the School of Education's Robots
for Autistics workshop. Photo: K-12 Staff.

Edrising 2018 conference group

Students, Advisers and staff  pose for a group photo
outside the Wood Center. Photo: Yuri Bult-ito.


Education & Training professor Anne Armstrong works
with a student on the Mock Interview session
Photo: Don Peterson.


Students participate in a session led by Rural Student Services.
Photo: Yuri Bult-Ito.


Pavva Iñupiaq Dancers performed at the final evening event.




2017-18 Officers
2017-18 Officers pose for a photo in the setting Florida sun . 
Photo: K-12 Staff.


Stairway shot
Educators Rising National Conference 2018 Group photo of 
Alaskan attendees. Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff.


Kotlik Students
Students from Kotlik with their advisor, represent Alaska at the
National Conference by competing in “Inside Our Schools”. 
Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff.



Barbaras cubicle

Program manager Barbara Wadlinger's office prior
to the CTSO Conference and FEA Symposium
Photo by K-12 Staff.

Students discuss careers

FEA/CTSO participants discuss future careers. Photo by K-12 Staff.

students listen

Students listen to presenters at the conference. Photo by K-12 Staff.

colleen angaiak

Participants listen to Colleen Angaiak, Rural Student Services
Advisor. Photo by K-12 Staff.

students presenting

Students who presented line up on stage for the
announcement of the winners. Photo by K-12 Staff.

2017 group photo

Teachers, advisors, students and FEA Staff gather for a photo
in the Anchorage Embassy Suites Lobby. Photo by K-12 Staff.

2016017 group
Nationals participants and officers gather beneath the sign outside the conference.

Kari competes
Kari Montero, one of the Student Officers for 2017-18 competes before a judge at Nationals.

2017 NationalsAlaska's participants sit with their advisors and then K-12 Outreach Director, Steve Atwater at the National Conference.