Curiculum: Pathway & Portal

  2021-2022 Curriculum

The EdRising Team has been working on developing the curriculum for the 2021-2022 school year, and working closely with OIT to create as space and design on the Portal.

Please return here for more updates and developments.


Courses are available through the Portal. Please email to request login credentials.

Course 1

  • Self Awareness
  • Social Awareness
  • Leadership
  • Ambassador of Learning
  • Career Planning & Being a Professional

Course 2

  • Child Development
  • Educational Psychology
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Diverse Learners
  • Pedagogy and Lesson Planning

Course 3

  • Practicum/Apprenticeship
  • Reflective Practices
  • Professional Portfolio
  • Professional Networks
  • Planning the plan

Course 4

  • Planning and teaching a lesson
  • Collaborating with peers
  • Reflecting on self
  • Setting goals
  • Providing and receiving peer and teacher feedback


As our students develop teaching skills, they deserve recognition for their growth. Micro-credentials (or digital badges) are performance-based assessments that allow rising educators to showcase their growing skills.

For more information about the micro-credentials, check out this one-page overview. Click on the icons beneath for links. For PDFs of the microcredientials: Anti-bias, Classroom Culture, Collaboration, Formative Assessment, Learner Engagement.


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